Preparing For Retirement As A Cash-Strapped Entrepreneur

Preparing For Retirement As A Cash-Strapped Entrepreneur

on Jul 7, 2018 in Entrepreneurship

As your small business can take up a sizable chunk of your investment, you might be living a hand to mouth existence a lot of the time, especially when your business is first starting out. But there comes a point when you have to consider what the future holds, not for your business, but for you. Retirement is something that has to be considered, no matter how exciting the business is right now. How can you prepare for retirement, especially when finances are very thin on the ground?

Prepare A Legacy

You need the business to run without you, even right now, and this may not have even entered your mind. But when it comes to ensuring the survival of your business, you have to make sure that it will cope with or without you. Part of this includes providing a secure environment for your employees. You’d rather leave your business when it’s at its most successful, rather than a limping failure. This includes the essentials like their 401Ks. While it’s not something you can provide for yourself, there are providers that can help you to ensure that you are supporting your employees properly, through services like Blooom, and you can see a Blooom review here. The legacy of your business is very important, especially if you are considering selling up before retirement. The whole retirement plan isn’t just about your own future; it’s the future of the business too.

Set A Reasonable Goal

This all depends on your age, and when you really want to retire. Many people have dreams of retiring at a very young age, but this isn’t always going to work out. Setting yourself reasonable goals, not just in terms of when you want to retire, but how you want to retire, will set the wheels in motion. For example, how do you view your retirement years? Do you want to live a modest life in a medium-sized house, or are you taking the approach where you want to go skydiving and have as many cruises as possible?

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Start Saving

Once you have all the relevant goals in mind, and then you can begin to start putting aside the relevant amount. It’s important to remember that you will spend more money at the beginning of your retirement, and as you get older, you will gradually spend less. This is because you won’t be as mobile, so when building in your budgeting plan, make sure you have more at the very beginning, you may have so many things you want to do with your retirement, and so, structuring your retirement life is as important as the amount of money you think you need.


Retirement might not have even entered your mind, but you need to begin the full process, especially when running your own business. You might not be making enough money to get by right now, but there will be a point when you need to actively consider what’s going to happen to you and your business. Retirement may sound like an irrelevant option, but the sooner you start thinking about it, the easier it will be.

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