Building A Reputation For Your Construction Business

Building A Reputation For Your Construction Business

on May 23, 2018 in Small business

When you’ve worked in construction for years, the inherent limitations of the industry may well be a source of frustration. The lack of career progression, pay caps and limited opportunity may well see that your station and your pay don’t reflect your growing skills. If you’ve decided to take matters into your own hands and start up your own congratulations you’ve likely had to endure some pretty monolithic overhead costs to get up and running.


What’s vitally important now is that all that investment does not go to waste on a business that plateaus and eventually stagnates. In any small business (but especially in construction) reputation is everything, and investing in building your reputation will see a steadier stream of work coming in which will lead to more opportunities for expansion and more time for you to spend focusing on the strategic growth of your business rather than standing on the front lines with your hard hat on. Here are some great ways of growing your reputation in the construction industry…


Invest in the best tools

They say that a poor workman always blames his tools. While this certainly has been known to happen, it’s also true that a great workman is only as good as his tools. Overhead costs in the building trade are steep to begin with but it’s always worth paying top dollar for equipment that will see you get the job done to the highest possible standard. Moreover, investing in the newest equipment will enable you to boost your productivity meaning that you get the job done on time and on budget. If your budget is limited but you really like the look of that crane truck for sale, hire purchase may be a better option than buying outright. While you will pay interest on your repayments, it will enable you to have the newest equipment without solidifying your cash assets.

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Get digital

Yes, construction relies heavily on word of mouth marketing, but in an increasingly digital age, it behoves you to invest in a robust digital presence that will draw interest. Thus, you should have an active social media presence or at the very least a website. This will allow you to dazzle potential clients with images of successful work carried out, testimonials from happy customers and details of your accreditation or licensing to give prospective clients peace of mind.


Play to your strengths

There’s a lot to be said for being a good all-rounder, but with the digital age has come a slew of competition. Since your new clientele may well use a search engine to try to find you, it helps to find a niche. Finding your niche is simple, merely play to your strengths. Not only will it boost your reputation by ensuring that your work carried out is done to the highest standards, having a niche will make you easier to find on search engines and enables you to give customers exactly what they want meaning that you will get the job rather than a competitor who tries to be all things to all people.


Remember that your business is your reputation. Protect it and you will see your business grow from strength to strength.


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