Businesses Are Going More Remote: So How Can They Feel Present For Their Customers?

Businesses Are Going More Remote: So How Can They Feel Present For Their Customers?

on Feb 26, 2022 in Small business

Welcome to a world of enhanced digitisation where businesses have created large pools of remote talents. We work and purchase online; therefore, customers can get in touch with companies 24/7. 

However, having a web presence is not sufficient to convince your customers that you are here for them. The last thing customers want is to struggle to get in touch with a real person. Online transactions can make it easy to find what they need, but they don’t replace the feeling of talking to an attentive advisor. So how can businesses create a reliable presence in an HTML world?

Through remote customer support teams

On-site customer service teams tend to work during normal business hours. However, what happens when your customers live in a different time zone? Hiring remote customer agents who are active in other geographical areas can ensure dedicated support outside of working hours. Remote agents can work directly from the comfort of their homes, providing chat or call responses when needed. It can be a fantastic way of building trust with international customers. 

Through reliable shipping services

How long are customers willing to wait for delivery? Customers are naturally impatient, and they want to enjoy ownership of their items as soon as possible. Therefore, they grow increasingly frustrated the longer they have to wait for delivery. It’s essential to network with professional transport company partners in each delivery region to provide quick and reliable delivery services. Additionally, professional solutions can also provide tracking information, which means that customers are less likely to worry. Being able to know where their parcel is can reassure and improve local trust in the business. 

Through local social media strategies

Should an international business have a global social media profile? Many companies feel that managing a single profile per platform provides better control over the brand image. However, they are missing out on interpersonal engagement with international customers. Indeed, using local social media profiles can prove advantageous to connect with the local audience: 

  • Same time-zone
  • Same language
  • Targeted offers and discounts
  • Rapid and dedicated customer support

Through automated chat support

Chat automation solutions can help tackle queries at any time of the day and night. The chat function can serve different purposes, and it can guide visitors to the relevant content pages on the website. It can also handle simple customer issues, such as updating customer accounts or managing data. As for issues that require dedicated agent support, they can be recorded and transmitted to the relevant interlocutor. However, an automated solution can help support customers better by reducing the customer service workload. 

Through transparent and updated communication

Where is my parcel?

Was my order successful?

How can I exchange my item?

Customers need to be kept in the loop at all times. Automated emailing campaigns are crucial to informing your customers in real-time about any event regarding their orders: 

  • Confirmation of successful transaction
  • Confirmation of shipping with tracking number
  • Information about next steps for customers who book services or make a complaint
  • Reminder of appointment
  • Follow-up email after delivery for feedback
  • Information about delays or issues regarding their transaction
  • Troubleshooting or further informative content about their product after delivery
  • Notice of refund
  • Etc. 

The Internet brings us closer to each other 24/7. Yet, having a website doesn’t mean you serve your customers 24/7. That’s why your company needs to establish strategies to make your customers feel supported and valued around the clock. 

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