Planning Ahead; Packing Up Your Business For Successful Relocation

Planning Ahead; Packing Up Your Business For Successful Relocation

on Apr 26, 2018 in Small business

There are an array of reasons to move your business abroad and overseas; your brand or items may sell better in specific locations, or perhaps you’re in the process of expansion. Whatever is making you pack up and relocate; look at it as a fresh start and a positive for the future of your business. You’re not alone, although an internet age means that consumers can access things online, distribution or regular travel expenses can add up, and it often makes sense for a company to move their processes elsewhere. You can be nearer to both your manufacturers, suppliers and your target audience; these factors can contribute to more profit, which is always a great move in business.

So, you decided on the big move; now it’s time to plan efficiently and effectively so that everything can run smoothly throughout the process. Lack of careful and considered planning can lead to expensive mistakes and extra costs, which will impact the success of the move and your business. Therefore, it’s time for you and your team to put your heads together and work on each stage before you step foot on a plane. The following are some ideas and advice for those who are relocating their business overseas and want the experience to be as stress-free and positive as possible.


Getting Your Essentials There

Firstly you’ll need to ensure that the digital side of things is taken care of, and it’s worth doing a double back up of all your files, software, and anything else you’ll need computer-wise. Next will come insurance for those objects and item that you’re planning to ship to wherever it is you’re going. You’ll want to have the peace of mind that if the worst should happen; you’ll have a lump sum that will cover the cost of replacing everything. You’ll then need to plan to get any equipment or large machinery over in one piece; begin looking at your options regarding the boxes, packing materials, and wooden crates you’ll need so that you can be sure that everything will have a secure home for its journey ahead. You’ll also need to find reputable shipping services; it’s not always about cutting costs when it comes to getting your expensive and valuable items overseas; go with someone you trust, even if that means spending a little more.


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Researching Your New Home

It’s worth investing in a trip or two, with your co-workers, team, and colleagues, to get to know your new location. You’ll still want a work/life balance, so it’s vital that you know where the nearest amenities are and where you can all head to for lunch and coffee, or after work dinner and drinks. Visit the office or warehouse; being onsite will give you a clear sense of what to expect throughout your working week. And, do all you can to build relationships with those around you; introduce yourself and explain why you’re choosing to bring your business to the area. The more people and other businesses you have on your side, the easier settling in will be.


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