Marketing Strategies You Might Be Overlooking

Marketing Strategies You Might Be Overlooking

on Jul 24, 2020 in Marketing

You will know the importance of marketing your business, of course. Your business wouldn’t profit otherwise, because people wouldn’t know a lot about what you were selling.


Chances are, you already have a website up and running as a means of marketing your business. You probably use social media too, and it might be that you rely on ad space, both online and off to market your business as well. 


But could there be marketing strategies that you are overlooking?


Check out the following, and if you haven’t implemented them within your business yet, you might want to take the necessary next steps to add them into your marketing plan.


#1: Green Marketing

We should all be caring for the environment, so you should have gone green in your business already. Not only will you save the world if you implement green measures, but you will save your business money too. And not only that, but if you let people know that you have gone green, you might boost your reputation and win over new customers too.


So, showcase your eco-friendly credentials by using our green marketing ideas. By altering your logo to reflect your environmental stance, and by letting people know what you are doing on your website and other promotional materials, you will conquer those other businesses that haven’t yet taken steps to go green. 


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#2: Video Marketing

You already know how much of a big deal video is, as your Facebook wall is probably plastered with videos that people have shared with you. You probably use YouTube a lot too, even if all you do is watch funny cat videos, and you might share your own videos online too.


Video has become a major factor in marketing. According to Smart Insights, 92% of marketers say it is an important part of their marketing strategy. It has a high ROI, and this is because people are more likely to watch a video than read marketing text. So, this is something you should capitalize on. You could add videos to your website, and send out marketing messages on Facebook using videos that relate to your products and business. It might be that you create a video that has the potential to go viral too, especially if its funny, topical, or both. 


Check out the videos other businesses are using to promote themselves and improve on their efforts with the aid of Video Production Services. Then share your videos using the platforms available to you, including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. 


#3: Customer Marketing

You market to your customers, but are you using them to market for you? They can be your greatest asset, so encourage them to help you.


Your customers could share your social media posts, write reviews of your business, give you testimonial quotes, link your business on their blog, and promote your products in their homes. If you could give them an incentive to market for you, such as a discount or a freebie, they might make a concerted effort to promote your business.


So, if you haven’t yet done so, consider these marketing strategies for your business. You should increase your profits if you do, and you will do more to stand out against your nearest competition.




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