Why Aren’t People Putting Your Online Products In Their Shopping Baskets?

Why Aren’t People Putting Your Online Products In Their Shopping Baskets?

on Apr 17, 2018 in Small business

As the manager of a modern business, you know about the importance of having an online shop. In fact, there’s every chance this is where the majority of your customers come from. You’ve likely scoured the internet for tips on SEO and driving traffic. And, if you’ve followed the right advice, there’s a chance you have a steady flow of customers.

There’s one problem; the majority of those customers leave empty-handed. The shopping cart in the corner stays empty, and you don’t see any profit. To a certain extent, just having the traffic is good news. The more people look at your site, the better it’ll rate on Google. But, that doesn’t make up for the fact you don’t see any sales. If this happens on a regular basis, you could find yourself in trouble.

The trick, then, is to consider what’s causing those continually empty baskets. And, that’s precisely what I’m going to look at here.


It’s possible people’s reluctance to buy is nothing more than an issue on your website. If a glitch occurs whenever someone attempts to add something to their basket, it’s unlikely you’ll make a sale. There are probably twenty other sites which don’t glitch at this stage. Why should customers bother contacting you and waiting to hear back? They’ll just head to a competitor and buy there instead. If you fail to make any sales over a few days, look into this. Visit your site as a customer and try to add each item to your basket. If they don’t work, it’s worth hiring the help of an IT support company who can help iron out technical issues on your end, and ensure the same doesn’t happen again. Once you’re up and running, you may find that baskets start to fill again.

Poor product photography

Many companies also make the mistake of thinking product photography isn’t essential. But, you’ll fail to make a go of things if you don’t get this right. In the same way shops have to think about displays, you need to think about your photography. That doesn’t mean you have to go all out with professional pictures. You can get decent snaps with an iPhone and a simple white backdrop. But, you need to think about staging and angles to ensure your shots look appealing. It also helps to post video demonstrations of products to show customers what they can do.

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Dowdy description

You might have created a product, but that doesn’t mean you have a way with words. Your descriptions may be what lets your site down. After all, when customers can’t touch the product, they’re sure to turn to your descriptions to get an idea. If your words are flatter than a pancake, is it any wonder they don’t click buy? Instead, focus on creating exciting descriptions which make them feel they NEED your products in their lives. Make sure, too, that you include accurate measurements and dimensions to help them envision what you have on offer.



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