Working In the Oil And Gas Industry

Working In the Oil And Gas Industry

on Mar 1, 2019 in Small business

A lot of people decide to take the plunge and pave a career for themselves in the industry of oil and gas. Oil and gas jobs are attractive to many and the great thing about this industry is that there is something to suit all. There are jobs for those who are looking to enter the industry at entry level and thus do not have training or experience. Nonetheless, there are also jobs for those with specific qualifications and skills, and these jobs often give people the opportunity to make a decent wage too. This article aims to provide further elaboration regarding the different oil and gas jobs that are available. By the time you have finished reading you should be able to decipher whether there is a job suited to you.

An extensive array of engineering jobs to choose from

Engineering jobs are extremely frequent in the gas oil industry. This is a job area that encompasses an array of different roles. For instance, you have everything from transportation engineers, structural engineers, installation engineers, service engineers, and electrical engineers. Therefore, there is no limit regarding the various jobs available. If you are someone with experience and qualifications in engineering then this can be an extremely exciting and advantageous place for you to carve a career for yourself. Furthermore, it is predicted that oil and gas jobs in engineering are only set to rise over the next five years or so. Therefore, you need not worry about your job being in jeopardy anytime in the near future.


Working on the oil and gas rigs

In addition to this, working on the oil and gas rig is another popular choice. This is an unusual career as it requires people to be away from home for several weeks at a time and the working days are longer than usual. Nevertheless, the perks include that you also get to have weeks at a time off too and the wage is a desirable one. There are lots of different jobs available on the rigs. Nonetheless, if you want to be a driller then this is ideal for those who wish to work with heavy machinery and in a testing environment.

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Oil and gas jobs for those who boast a degree

The oil and gas industry has an array of specialist jobs for those who have a degree. These professional jobs cover a wide scope of subjects too. For instance, finance professionals are required in order to oversee this department and ensure the monetary side of things runs smoothly. There are science and research and development departments which require people to constantly analyse, assess, and find information regarding oil and gas all over the world. In fact, geologist jobs are some of the most frequently found in the industry. Not only are the jobs mentioned available in the field, but those with degrees in business are desirable to the industry as well. These are all professional positions and will require a university degree, with some requiring you to obtain a postgraduate degree as well as a bachelor’s degree.


Oil and gas jobs for those who want to work in administration

The administration jobs that are available means that the oil and gas industry is one that is open to all types of candidates. After all, all industries require paperwork, organisation, accounting and alike to be able to function properly. The oil and gas field is no different. There is a wealth of administrative jobs available. There are positions for secretaries, assistants, accountants, human resource managers, and so on and so forth. In fact, this type of job role makes up a monumental amount of the positions within the oil and gas industry because of the sheer fact that paperwork is extensive.


Hopefully, this article will have given you an insight into the different oil and gas jobs that are available today. As you can see from the four main points touched upon; there are jobs to suit all skills and all experience levels. Thus you are bound to find something suited to you.



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