COVID: Law Firms Need New Strategies

COVID: Law Firms Need New Strategies

on Jul 15, 2020 in Small business

COVID: Law Firms Need New Strategies


The COVID-19 pandemic is highlighting the needs for new business arrangements and strategies. Something that many professionals struggle to obtain in the past, remote working facilities, has become the new habit in most companies. Working from home has enabled businesses to support their productively and keep their now remote employees safe. Some of these changes will likely be retained long after the lockdown is over. 


But the coronavirus also creates new risks and responsibilities for employers, teams, and partners. Health and safety audits need to be adjusted accordingly. Legal requirements, such as contracts and business behaviours, also need to be reviewed, amended, and corrected to protect companies. For law firms, COVID-19 has created a new world of demands. However, getting noticed in a post-pandemic business world is not as easy as it seems. 

Let everyone know your expertise

Legal COVID-focused advice is a new service that your law firm is offering. If you want people to know about it, or even to know that it is a thing, you need to get vocal on your social media platforms. You don’t need to become an experienced social media manager overnight. However, understanding how to produce posts that will be read can be a game-changer. You can document and analyse previous posts to identify the best time to share your news online. Additionally, this can help spot a few tips to raise engagement, such as whether to share images, a link to a blog post, or a short video. Ideally, you want to create a series of content pieces to promote, explain, and educate about your legal pandemic services. 


Trust a pro to make your brand stand out

Small law firms can reach out to their audience on social media. But they can struggle to build up momentum and get noticed by target groups who could need their services but didn’t know that said services existed. A dedicated PR agency that is experienced with the legal industry, such as Elite Lawyer Management, can help remove obstacles to getting noticed by a broader audience. Specialist PR agents can not only increase visibility in your local area but also leverage regional and national networks to strengthen your brand position. 



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Help local businesses find you

It can seem odd to establish your local presence at a time where face-to-face meetings are deemed unsafe. However, creating your Google My Business profile serves multiple purposes. It can direct people to your offices once the pandemic lies safely in the past. But it can also ensure that businesses that are local to your law firm will benefit from geographically targeted SERP rankings. 


Introduce your team 

Last but not least, we’re far from the business as usual. Most appointments, legal or not, will continue to occur online in the near future. Consequently, in the wake of remote working solutions, you need to break the ice directly on your team’s page. A friendly but professional headshot can go a long way in establishing your expertise and building a positive first impression. 


The pandemic is changing the face of the world, and more importantly, it is transforming the way businesses function. For law firms, adapting to the transformation in the office is only one side of the challenge. With new H&S responsibilities for businesses and public venues, law firms need to guide companies into creating a legally robust, safe, and sensible way out of lockdown and self-isolation. 



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