A Month Of Instagram Post Ideas For Professional Service Businesses

A Month Of Instagram Post Ideas For Professional Service Businesses

on Oct 17, 2016 in Content marketing

Professional services’ businesses don’t have products to photograph, so how can they use Instagram?


I’ve just recently jumped head first into Instagram. My account has been up, but just not running. I’ve had trouble thinking of Instagram post ideas for my business.



As an owner of a service-based business, it can be hard when you don’t have a product to photograph.

Even worse, you may not have any staff, and it could be just you. I decided to put together a list of post ideas for Instagram to get you started.


Instagram post ideas

1. A quote from an expert in your industry

2. A positive client review – a review from a recent client

3. Client success story

4. An announcement – we’re booked out till November so if you want to get it done before Christmas you need to book now

5. Promote an event – either that you’re holding or one that you’re attending

6. Industry related news – an item that’s relevant that might not be well known

7. Marketing material – signage, a set of new business cards fanned out, or a box of new leaflets


  • facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+
  • Buffer
  • Pinterest
  • Gmail


8. Content promotion – the image from your latest blog or written report with a link in your bio to the article

9. Your office – an image of the activity hub of your business

10. Out and about – if you travel to clients, take a picture of your travels

11. Behind the scenes video – a short and sharp video of you in action

12. Lifestyle post – whatever it is you do to keep a balanced lifestyle, share a picture of it. Maybe it’s you after a run.

13. Sneak preview – share a sneak preview of something that’s about to be launched

14. An inspirational quote

15. A video of you in action

16. Share a photo of your customers

17. Fun image

18. Ask a question to generate engagement

19. Something on the way to work


20. A tip about a service you provide

21. Regram – this is where you post someone’s post but you attribute it to them

22. Introduce yourself – show us a little bit about you

23. A Statistic

24. Pictures related to your service – if you’re a writer then notepads, quirky pens, books

25. Words or a word cloud that encapsulates your business

26. Ask a question related to your business “‘When was the last time your website had a thorough SEO audit?”

27. Tag someone who…..

28. Throwback image – this is also known as an image from another time or earlier posting

29. Hyper Lapse video – the hyper lapse app from Instagram allows you to create a time-lapsed video

30. Newsjacking – comment about a hot new topic that’s related to your brand

31. A technology tip – this could be software you use or a cool app you love



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