Making Logistics Work For Your Business

Making Logistics Work For Your Business

on Oct 20, 2021 in Small business

When we usually think about the term, logistics the images that spring to mind usually seem relevant to more prominent companies with a sizeable back-office operation, warehousing or supply chains and while this is undoubtedly correct.  

But, as we continue to navigate this brave new world where everything continues to change, you can make the entire logistics system work for your business – no matter the size.

Australia is a big place, no doubt about it and moving goods and services around the country is not without its challenges. But because of that same overriding idea, we also have a pretty sophisticated logistical network and system. We can move goods from our biggest cities like Sydney and Melbourne to some of the smallest, off the track towns in the Northern territories.

You can add massive gains to your businesses competitiveness by learning how to access these systems and move your goods or services to parts of the country, and indeed the planet, that you may not have thought you could.

How you do that and which systems you’re going to need to empower will depend on the type of business you’re in and the level of interactivity you need with the rest of the country.

What does that mean?

OK, let’s say that you’re an artisan clothing manufacturer in Melbourne, and you need to grow your business in a managed and cost-effective manner. You’ve invested in a decent website that you update regularly, you have great referrals online and a steady client base in and around Melbourne – so how are you going to get your brand to other parts of Australia?

The easiest way for small to medium-sized businesses to get that crucial “out of local area” support is to (this is going to sound self-serving but) get to those areas away from home base. Here’s where it becomes fun.

Reaching out to the more prominent logistics companies that operate all over Australia is your first port of call after identifying the key market opportunities you want to take advantage of throughout the country. You’re going to do that by relying on existing data based on your sales and demand. 

Still, you’re also going to depend on research from agencies that specialise in those areas of there isn’t a big enough budget for that, the next best thing is to visit the places you want to establish a growth market in – and this is where the logistics guys can be handy.

Think about it, they’re already travelling to the places you want to do business in, and they’re already doing business with the people you want to do business with. From private individuals to retail store owners, boutique owners and more – and they’re going to want your business too.

Making logistics work for you means understanding how the whole chain works, so it pays to do your homework. From using a courier company for urgent and smaller shipping to airline cargo, trucks, trains and ships for access to cheaper rates but more prominent marketplaces and more oversized or bulk shipping, you can make logistics work for you.

It’s simply a matter of understanding your business, where you can save money, knowing the direction you want to take it in and how you want to get it there. Answering those questions is a great place to start understanding how logistics can deliver its full potential to your business.

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