5 Ways To Improve The IT Infrastructures Of Your Company

5 Ways To Improve The IT Infrastructures Of Your Company

on May 25, 2021 in Small business

Modern companies need agile IT systems, to improve their processes and support their employees and customers. When you’re looking to enhance your IT infrastructures, there are many areas that you can focus on.

1 . Work with a managed service provider

Working with a managed IT service can help you to improve your IT infrastructure. An MSP will analyze your existing IT systems, providing solutions to enhance efficiency. Managed service providers can help you to migrate to the cloud and improve your security. You’ll receive 24/7 IT support, along with backup and disaster recovery. By working with an MSP you’ll also reduce your business costs. Before you choose a provider it’s worth considering your IT goals, and what you hope to achieve.

2. Update your IT security

Cybercriminals target both small and large businesses, across all industries. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, cybercrime incidents have accelerated. When employees work remotely, your network is more vulnerable if you do not have the right security protection. Businesses that experience data breaches face reputational damages and financial losses. According to PurpleSec, ‘Damage related to cybercrime is projected to hit $6 trillion annually by 2021.’

Businesses can update their security measures using cloud-based security software, mobile device management, and multi-factor authentication. Companies need robust malware and antivirus protection. It’s also important to train employees to spot security threats.

3. Improve your own IT skills

As technology advances, clients and consumers expect more from your company. Organizations must deliver the most effective digital services, to scale and grow. To future-proof your business, it’s important to upskill. Alternatively, you can provide your IT leaders with the best training. The itil foundation online is recognised worldwide. Using the ITIL framework, businesses can improve their service management systems, offering highly effective digital services.

4. Keep up with cloud computing trends

Perhaps your business has already migrated to the cloud? If not, there are plenty of benefits to doing so. Cloud computing offers advantages such as improved collaboration, flexibility and enhanced productivity. Businesses can make use of cloud-based software, to improve their operations and save time. 

Once you’ve made the switch to the cloud it’s worth keeping up with cloud computing trends. In 2021 an increasing number of businesses are adopting a hybrid cloud strategy. According to Learn Hub, ‘78% enterprises will have a hybrid /multi-cloud environment by 2021.’ There are all sorts of cloud-based software programs to take advantage of including project management software and CRM tools.

5. Access data insights 

By modernizing your IT systems businesses can access data insights, and use these insights to make improvements. Using analytics, monitoring, and diagnostics, businesses can reduce outages, downtime, and assess weaknesses. Companies can also benefit from using cloud-based analytics software. With analytics tools you can analyze everything from operations to employee performance and conversion rate optimization.

Improving your IT infrastructure will help you to become a more efficient and productive business. With the right action plan, you’ll create an IT infrastructure that works for you.

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