Bright Ideas To Take Your Electrician Business To The Next Level

Bright Ideas To Take Your Electrician Business To The Next Level

on May 23, 2018 in Marketing

Starting a small localised electrician business is an idea that offers bags of potential. Assuming you provide a winning service, there’s no doubt that you’ll earn an OK living from the venture. However, if you have the ambition to unlock your full potential, it’s imperative that you go the extra mile. But how?


Here are just six bright ideas that can spark new life into the venture and produce the sustained growth and success that you deserve.



Focus On Localised Digital Marketing

 Despite being ambitious, it’s important to work with a sense of humility. Realistically, you’re unlikely to serve many customers outside of your city, and almost certainly won’t travel to another state or country. As such, wasting time and money on marketing to people in those regions is a little counterproductive.


When building your SEO and social media strategies, have a clear focus on the city and areas that you cover. This will result in far better conversion rates, making the process far more cost-efficient in the process. If you’ve yet to include your details on Google My Business, now is the perfect time to do that too. After all, the search engine is your greatest ally by far.


You’re not after big followings; you’re after bookings. Do not forget it.


Build A Stronger Team

 When first starting out, you might get away with working alone or having one assistant. If the company is to grow in the right way, it needs to be on more than one job at once. So, supporting yourself with a trustworthy team should be considered an essential step en route to success.


It’s easy to take on the first person that applies for a job, but following the right protocols throughout the hiring process is key. This will construct a far stronger platform, and this should aid productivity while protecting the business too. It’s not only the electricians that need to be reliable, though, receptionists and any other workers also need to boast winning attributes.   


Teamwork makes the dream work. Keep this at the heart of your venture, and you won’t go far wrong.


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Use Your Time Well

As an electrician, good organisation on the job is essential. You may not need to juggle tasks as much as a painter, who has to fill time while paint dries. Still, working faster makes sense from a business perspective as well as the clients. A few simple tricks can work wonders for your ongoing time management.   


It’s not simply a case of doing the work in the fastest and most efficient manner. Other tasks, such as building a quote can be very time-consuming too and aren’t actively earning you any revenue. Incorporating an electrical estimating program will save valuable hours on big commercial jobs. The time savings on residential jobs won’t be as huge, but are still noticeable.


Aside from the fact you’ll have more time to focus on the main work, you’ll avoid the stress and hassle of the quoting process. Perfect.


Build A Strong Network

When homeowners and businesses need one type of contractor, it’s likely that they’ll need others too. Therefore, plumbers and builders can become great allies. Just check that they don’t offer electrician work as a part of their service. As long as they don’t, you could find that making the right connections within the industry generates lots of new leads.


In fact, you may find that you’ll work on the same jobs while also spreading the word in a reciprocal way. Finding local plumbers and similar services is particularly easy work. Give them a call and see if you can work out a deal. It may even be possible to try co-marketing schemes to further boost your joint and individual presence.


Not everyone has to be a competitor in business. Realising this can make a world of difference.


Build A Memorable Brand

Every electrician knows that a website, business cards, and a branded van are all vital additions. However, it’s not merely a case of getting your name out there. Ensuring that the name sticks is essential. A catchy slogan should go a long way to helping while a good colour scheme and logo are also sure to support the cause.


Simple ideas like purchasing a stand out telephone number can take that sense of professionalism to another level. One of the best things you can do, however, is use a known customer review system. When past clients have positive things to say, it will encourage future visitors to choose your service other the rest. Meanwhile, an affiliate scheme won’t do any harm either.


A formidable brand powered by some of the other points mentioned above simply won’t fail.


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