How to Use Twitter for Business

How to Use Twitter for Business

on Dec 26, 2015 in Social media

Here’s how you can make the most of your business tweets

You hear people saying they are using Twitter for business, but you’re unsure about what it’s all about and what you should be doing, right?

You hear people saying they are using Twitter for business, but you’re unsure about what it’s all about and what you should be doing, right? So let’s have a look at how you can use Twitter for business to help you build a strong following.


Why use Twitter?

Twitter is an interactive social media tool that lets you engage directly with your customers and followers.  It lets you build a brand, and respond as a person within your business.

The use of Twitter is not solely to drive customers to your website to buy something, but to engage with them. There’s little engagement on a business website!


People use Twitter for business to

  • Interact and connect directly with customers
  • Customer service
  • Share quality content that followers will find useful – articles, ideas
  • Provide news to customers – launch of products, when courses are available
  • Promote products / to sell
  • Show customers that they are a leader in this field – people come to them for valuable information about a specific topic.
  • Build a loyal brand


How are you going to use Twitter for business?

Firstly, listen don’t Tweet. It’s best to go and follow some different businesses and see how they use this social media tool. Spend some time doing this to get a feel for how they Tweet, what information they share, and whether they share other links.

Now, work out how you are going to use Twitter for your business. Is it to raise awareness of products, let people know of your upcoming training courses, or provide information to them via blogs? Do some brainstorming to work it out.

How are people going to see you? What is your brand on Twitter – and other social media. It should be consistent across them all. A consistent photo, branding, and style.

How are people going to identify you? Are you an expert in copywriting? As a freelance copywriter, are you trying to help other freelancers with the information they need to start a business? Do you aim to become an expert in this one field, or promote information on more than one topic? It’s now that you need to work this out before you Tweet.


Your first business Tweet

A Tweet

A tweet is limited to 280 characters. That’s all you’ve got. The tweet needs to drive people to interact. It needs to make them click and read what you have to say. With so many Tweets and Retweets, you need something to grab attention.


The image

Use graphics and infographics.  People love graphics and are more likely to click and read further. You need something to grab them attention visually.  Make sure it’s relevant though.


What to Tweet?

  • Above all, interact with others.
  • Don’t just retweet everything or tweet about yourself. But add in your own comment in a retweet and retweet things you think your followers will find interesting.
  • Say thank you to someone who retweets, quotes your tweet or likes a tweet. Follow them too!
  • Promote others – share other information via Tweets and Retweets and favourite tweets too.
  • Ask questions of your followers
  • Provide customer support to your customers
  • Tweet about events you are holding
  • Tweet about jobs you are advertising
  • Provide giveaways – discounts off courses for a limited time, coupons, prizes for feedback and other user engagement.
  • Blog posts you write – don’t just say “Here’s my latest blog” but link it with a catchy headline which may ask a question – Are you getting the most out of Twitter for your business? Make it relevant though.


Lastly, stick to the 80-20 rule where you only 20% of what you tweet is about you.  The other 80% is interaction with others.


Build engagement with Twitter

Twitter is a great tool for businesses to build engagement and their brand.  It allows you to interact with others, and reach out. You get to provide useful information, through sharing with a retweet or quoted tweet.

Twitter can also be used to provide giveaways, introduce new products or courses, notify customers of upcoming events, specials or sales too.

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