How To Streamline Your Operations Between Two Business Locations

How To Streamline Your Operations Between Two Business Locations

on May 3, 2022 in Small business

Running a business from home is always a challenge, but what happens when you start to work between two locations? Sometimes there is the need to go back and forth between a place, for example, if you have items in storage, but what does it really take to actually navigate this logistical challenge?

Find the Best Ways To Transport Items

If you are going back and forth between storage space and another business location, you’ve got to find the quickest and easiest methods to transport items. You could always hire someone to do this for you, but for those people who are running small businesses, and every penny counts, a very simple way would be to get a trailer. There are tandem trailers by BigMan that are easy to use and can be used for transporting items and even moving between properties. So if you are upgrading to a bigger office, you’ve got purpose-built transport already!

Hiring the Right People

Of course, we’ve all got to have the right people on board to make our business seamless. When we have to the point where we need extra support, we need to remember that communication is pivotal. In addition, we’ve got to have a streamlined sense of operating procedures. You’re the person in charge of the business, so you need to communicate how it should be run. This means getting extra support in terms of operating a business above board and with the legal components in place. It’s always worth asking for legal support to help you gain a better understanding of the small print so you can hire the right people, but also ensure that you are doing everything to the best of your ability.

Establish the Right Methods of Communication

This should be a priority, and when we are operating over two locations, there is a lot to consider. When you’ve established a good communication system that other employees can use, you should stick to it. Some people don’t like emails back and forth because they take a lot more time. But you also need to consider whether telephone calls are going to achieve much, especially when you make them on a daily basis. Instead, you may be better off holding weekly or biweekly meetings with the relevant people, either by a conference call or video chat. Additionally, you need to request regular reports to see how that location is doing.

Simplify Everything With Technology

Project management is the key here. There are always ways of doing things that can streamline your operations. And while technology makes for an organised business, you’ve got to make sure you have the right tools. Project management software for accounting programs can save you time to free up your efforts for the things that really matter. In addition, you’ve got to remember employees need to know how to use the equipment appropriately, which means having regular training sessions and support.

Two locations can be double the trouble, but when you are operating over two places, you’ve got to remember that both will give you a fair grounding in how to upgrade your business to more locations.

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