How to Change People’s Perceptions of Your Brand

How to Change People’s Perceptions of Your Brand

on Mar 18, 2022 in Small business

Changing people’s perceptions of  your brand is probably one of your top priorities if you’ve been struggling recently and people have developed a negative view of your company. It can seem to shake off a poor reputation, even if you’ve moved on and started to do better. Those reputations linger longer than you might want them to. We’re going to talk today about how you can start changing those perceptions for the better.

Understand the Current Reality

Before you can do anything else or make any relevant changes, you need to understand the reality of the current situation. What do people see and think when they see your brand? If they have negative perceptions, what’s at the root cause of them? You need to have these answers or at least believe you have good explanations for them before you start making any changes.

Ask Questions and Delve Into People’s Perceptions

You can interact with people directly to see what they think and what their perceptions of the company are. When you have a clear understanding of people’s perceptions, you’ll know which changes might be most effective going forward. So ask questions, carry out focus group sessions and send out surveys to past and previous customers and learn from the feedback you get.

Work with Branding Experts

Working on your branding and taking a fresh approach to it might be what’s required if people have decided that your current brand is tainted. A fresh look can cause people to see a fresh start and a new way of doing things, and that’s what you want. You can work with a talented company like Toni Marino to overhaul your branding and to put a fresh image in place.

Shout About the Changes You’re Making

When you are making changes that you want to change people’s perceptions, you need to shout about them. After all, it doesn’t make sense to start making changes to your brand if no one even knows or notices that you’re making them. So don’t be afraid to discuss these things and to be open about the changes you’re implementing inside the business. The more you do this, the more people will hear you and want to give you another chance.

Work on Improving Customer Service

One thing that you definitely need to work on inside your business is customer service. This is at  the root cause of many of the negative perceptions people have of businesses. When they have a negative customer service experience where a staff member was rude to them once, they remember that and they don’t let it go easily. That’s why improvements to customer service and support are so vital.

Changing people’s perceptions of your company certainly isn’t easy and it’s not something that you’re going to be able to do overnight. Approach it as a slightly longer term project and make the most of the ideas above if you want people to start seeing your business in a more positive light.

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