Genius Green Marketing Ideas!

Genius Green Marketing Ideas!

on Jul 2, 2020 in Marketing

If you can demonstrate that your business genuinely cares about the environment, it can be a beneficial form of marketing. After all, with the growing concern for the planet, many consumers will opt for greener alternatives. Fortunately, to begin marketing your business as green, all you need do is read my advice below. 

Green Selling Points

Before you can market your business as green, you need to practice what you preach! That is, you need to be taking significant steps to be as environmentally responsible as possible. If you don’t, your ruse will likely be discovered and cause you a massive scandal further down the line. 


With that in mind, do consider different methods of making your business more environmentally friendly. Some companies choose to do this by switching to a paperless office or finding a way to use less energy in creating their product. In contrast, others prefer to use only natural ingredients and banish toxins from their process and ingredients list. 



Of course, any solution you choose needs to be cost-effective and appropriate for your business as well. For example, those organizations operating their own logistics departments can benefit from choosing Oil- Water separator technologies. The reason being that providers like can help businesses minimize any wastewater contaminants, therefore ensuring that they are much less toxic to the environment.


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Green your logo 

Your logo is the cornerstone of all your marketing efforts. Therefore, if you are looking to brand your business as green, your logo must reflect this. After all, it will be seen on social media, as well as in real life, not to mention your website! 

With that in mind, getting a custom logo that represents your business environmental values can be a very savvy form of marketing. Just be sure that it includes one of the following: the colour green, a leaf or plant imagery, or uses a representation of planet Earth. Of course, it’s always better to go with a professional logo designer if you want the best outcome. The reason being that a professional designed should be able to take you through at least three designs. Something that will then allow you to pick the ones that best represent your green ethos and your brand. 

Additionally, remember that there are other images such as the ones you will find at that you can use alongside your logo, such as ‘recycling arrows.’ Things that can help your customer base understand that you are prioritizing environmentally effective practices.


Use local (and green suppliers) 

Next, if you want to be able to market yourself as a green business, you need to be very careful about the suppliers that you use. Sadly, some companies have recently been caught out here. The reason being that they did not investigate suppliers deeply enough and ended up being associated with less than ideal practices. 



With that in mind, be sure to choose local suppliers where possible as they can help cut down on the CO2 emissions from transporting goods. Additionally, be sure that the suppliers you opt for also do things in the most environmentally friendly way possible. Otherwise, any of their mistakes could end up rubbing off on your carefully crafted green marketing presence. 





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