Why Going Green Is Good For Your Business

Why Going Green Is Good For Your Business

on Jul 30, 2018 in Small business

What do we mean by ‘going green?’ Well, it probably won’t come as much surprise to you, but it’s doing your bit as a business to protect the environment in the way you conduct your operations. It’s about…


  • Recycling – whether that’s used furniture, plastic, paper, etc. you follow procedure that eliminates waste of all kind. By setting up different coloured bins within your company, you can encourage both staff and customers to follow good practice.


  • Using locally sourced materials – rather than add further pressure to the carbon footprint, you should use locally sourced materials for your manufacturing operation.


  • Looking for ways to save energy – from saving money on water – see the rainwater tanks at National Poly – to cutting down on electricity – using solar panels, for example – you can both reduce your expenses and your energy emissions.


And there are so many other ways you can adopt green practices within your company. But why bother? Time and money are spent in putting eco-friendly procedures in place, and if you’re a busy and frugal business owner, you have your limits.

Well, going green is good for your business in the following ways.


  • You are following legal compliance. By adhering to environmental legislation, you are following the laws in your state. And even if some of the laws aren’t enforced yet, finding ways to go green will keep you ahead of the curve when government incentives become requisite by law.


  • You are saving money. By installing energy-efficient technology into your business, you will have an expense at the outset. However, this will be offset by the savings you will make in the long-term.


  • You are beating your business rivals. Considering many consumers are eco-aware, your product/business will stand out from those less ethical business owners who are not taking steps to protect the environment.


  • You will attract more employees. Today’s millennials have grown up surrounded by news reports about the environmental dangers the world is facing, so doing something about the problem is high on their agenda, for their sake and the sake of their children. By caring for the environment, your business will be more attractive to the freshest and brightest minds graduating today.


  • You will improve employee morale. As well as attracting more employees, you will also improve the job satisfaction of those currently working for you. By knowing your company is ‘green,’ you stand a better chance of keeping your staff at your side, especially those people who have placed caring for the environment high on their agenda.


  • You will earn a good reputation. By setting green standards, you will enhance your reputation with customers, employees, investors, and the local media. Following ethical practices is an excellent PR move, and failing to do so will see your reputation plummet.


Of course, going green doesn’t only make good business sense. Caring for the environment should be high on your agenda anyway, for your sake, and for that of generations to come. While it will take effort on your part, you will be doing your bit to save both your business and the world. Do you need any further incentive?



Image credit:  Pixabay.com

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