Why Setting Up A Home Office Is A Good Idea

Why Setting Up A Home Office Is A Good Idea

on Jan 1, 2020 in Small business

Business owners of enterprises big and small have to choose between running a home office, or an office away from the home. A lot of businesses tend to have an “outside office” in a rented commercial block or a building that they own for their company. This office is where their staff come to work while they operate out of the space. These are functional and professional spaces where clients visit for meetings and where all business activity goes on – and it’s been this way for many years.


However, with the birth of technology, more and more small business entrepreneurs are turning toward a home office space. They’re moving to create a better balance between home and business: it’s the age of trying to have a life and have a successful business, and a home office is the key for many. If you are in a privileged position whereby you can have an electrician help you to set up a space in your home for a new office, then wouldn’t it be worth it? For the most part, a home office is a clear winner for entrepreneurs, and there’s no secret as to why. Let’s take a look at why setting up a home office is a good idea!


  • Money. The first and most obvious reason to set up an office in the home is the cost. Running an outside office is expensive. You have to consider the rent, utilities, insurance and staff costs that you need to put by to pay for an office. You have to think about the tax you’ll pay and the maintenance, cleaning companies and sandwich delivery. All of these add up and yet, if you decided to work from a home office, you wouldn’t have most of these costs.
  • Time. When you work from a home office, you’ll be able to easily adjust your schedule to deal with clients that are in different time zones. It’s so much easier to take calls from your spare office room than it is to get to the office at 1am!



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  • Image. Okay, so a fancy glass office building is impressive, no doubt about that! However, if you’re going to do a good job, clients aren’t going to care where your office is and what it looks like, especially when you can use shared co-working spaces for the days that you need to have face to face meetings.
  • Home Values. When you turn a room in your home into an office, you can increase the value of your home because you’re using the space for something functional. You could decide to sell your home soon enough and find that the new home office you have created could be just what your buyer is in the market for!
  • Environment. You can save the world just a tiny bit when you are working from home. Without the commute in the car every day, you no longer have to deal with emissions. This means that you’re not going to be contributing to the atmosphere and making things a little more polluted





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