How To Make Sure Your Office Is The Coolest Around

How To Make Sure Your Office Is The Coolest Around

on Jul 19, 2018 in Startups

Trying to come up with a great office design can be tricky. A lot of the time, particularly when you get your first office, you’re just trying to find the cheapest place possible. However, your office really does contribute to the business overall. Not only does the kind of working environment you have matter, but it’s also great to ensure that your office fits in with your company ethos, motivates your employee, and just looks great too. And trying to get that balanced just right can seem tough. But, it’s not impossible. Sure, the more budget you have to play around with, the better. But you can still make it work when your budget isn’t big. You just need to focus on making it cool! Let’s see how you can do just that.


Go All Out With The Decor

So first of all, you’ve always got the option of really making a statement with your decor. If you have the budget available, it’s often worthwhile investing in a designer. They will be able to really make the space work for you. From an outstanding finish and incredible style, to smart storage solutions, and just a great motivational feeling around the space, you really get your money’s worth. But if you’re on a budget, head to your favourite interiors store and pick up anything pretty that you know could work.


Make It Comfortable

But your office has to be comfortable to be cool too. Your employees won’t be impressed by your wonderful decor is they are uncomfortable and can’t really get their work done. So instead, make sure that you have comfortable working stations, air conditioning like and heating. When your staff are comfortable first and foremost, everything else you add will stand out.

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Add In A Quirky Feature

When you’ve nailed the first two, go ahead and add in something fun. Because if you want your office to be cool, it needs a talking point. Maybe that’s a wall that you write on, a game station, a VR station, a statue, or something entirely personal to your brand. But either way, you’ll find a quirky feature makes your office stand out.


Provide Cool Kitchen Facilities

From here, you’re then going to want to make sure that you have the best office kitchen around. Because as much as people care about being comfortable while they work, they also want to be fed and watered too! So make sure that you have a hi-spec kitchen with everything people will need, as well as water, refreshment and snacks if you like too.


Host Parties

And finally, you may also want to ensure that your office is a fun place to be, and not just cool. If your staff work hard, then you’re definitely going to want to reward them too. So why not host parties? While they may not necessarily want to be the wildest parties around, there’s no reason why you couldn’t go for something cool every once in a while. Why not do team lunches? Or celebrate when something is going well? Or even have drinks on a Friday afternoon!



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