How Hard Is It To Establish A Social Media Presence?

How Hard Is It To Establish A Social Media Presence?

on Jun 16, 2019 in Marketing, Social media

Being on social media seems such a normal thing these days. Almost everyone in the world has at least one social media account under their belt, and there’s billions upon billions of people you’re capable of reaching if you join the masses.


But putting a business account out there, to better establish your presence as a business to an audience that likes instant gratification, can be hard. After all, social media platforms are still relatively new in the modern conscience, and we’re still working out how best to optimize them to make a profit. There’s a lot of potential customers just waiting for you, but how do you go about finding them in the sea of available users?


So, in the interest of helping you to make an informed decision about where your social media marketing campaign should go, here’s just a few things to keep in mind about any accounts or pages you decide to start up.

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There’s a Market for Advertising on Social Media

And when you think about it, if someone offers a paid service to help you get trending on social media platforms, you can immediately tell it’s going to be a challenge to make yourself an established presence. People are training in content marketing and running social media accounts, to become both marketing and managing professionals, as there’s a whole new sector arising around our increased digital presence. And it’s worth billions – in 2016 alone, there was $12 billion dollars floating around in the digital marketing hemisphere. It’s only going to get more and more valuable as time goes on, and people like to capitalise on that.

So when a social media marketing agency pops up in your recommended, maybe because you’ve been searching for ways to boost your following on Twitter, you might feel a little skeptical about what they’re offering you. Instead leads, increased traffic, effective SEO, etc. But marketing itself is old, so it’s worth the time to look into what they offer. A few bucks here and there can earn you some well placed banners or timeline posts, but if you’re not sure how to create an advert or sponsored post that can be easily cultivated to be posted again and again and again, get a professional to do it for you.

You’ll Need to Show Off a Little

In particular, you need to show off what makes your company special, even just via the structure of any content you put out there. For example, a photography business with an instagram page isn’t going to find much traction posting infographics or text images – they’ve got to center their social media presence around the shots they take, and the detail that goes into them, to back up their claims of being the professional photographer a client should hire.


Thankfully, with the versatility of the platforms we call social media, there’s a lot you can do. Blogging websites allow you to go in depth with the content you post, and allow you to write creatively, with more relatable tones than just a single tweet you could post. Facebook allows you to collect your customers or your brand fans together, with business pages people can like to receive regular updates from you in their news feeds.


But your social media presence doesn’t have to stop at the written word. Instagram, as we mentioned, focuses on the visual aspect of your business, and is a much better place to collaborate with influencers and celebrities alike. If a well known, or well liked, person is using your product, thousands and millions of their fans are going to immediately be aware of their opinion of your business. With just a single post, you could increase the traffic to your website by tenfold. But you’ve got to choose the right people, who have some kind of relevance to the company you run.


Can You Establish a Brand Overnight?

Not on social media, no. But there’s a lot you can do to work your way up to having a good following and a reputable presence. If you’ve got people to post content about your product to on a daily basis, you’re going to find it a lot easier to build repeat custom, and earn a place in the social conscience as you do it.

Everyone is on social media, and people uses it at least once a day. Know your timings, know your agencies, know your optimization techniques, and it’s going to be a lot easier to approach viral status.



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