Electrical Items To  Consider When Building or Renovating

Electrical Items To Consider When Building or Renovating

on Jun 2, 2021 in Small business

Whether you are a homeowner or a business owner, the time will come to make decisions on renovating your current structure or building a new one altogether. Sometimes you are ready for a new location. Other times you may have outgrown the space with an expanding family or fast-growing staff. Regardless of the reasons, it is essential to take proper steps to get the right solutions for your space.

Electrical Work

When you need Level 2 electrical work, always contact the experts in the field. At Hornsby Electric their trained electricians are qualified to work in a wide range of servicing areas. Level 2 electricians are trained to provide overhead and underground service running to or from your home or business. Whether you are building a new home, business, or are planning renovations, ensure you work with qualified professionals to mitigate any problems or safety concerns before they even arise.

In new construction, burying the electrical lines from the connection points on the street to the new building is aesthetically pleasing because they do not mar your line of sight when looking skyward. Additionally, having the lines buried may prevent disruption in electrical service in the event of high winds or a storm.

Light Bulbs

Changing out your old incandescent light bulbs for higher quality LED bulbs will save both your bottom line and the environment over time. Even as incandescent and halogen light bulbs are being phased out you can be proactive in swapping yours out sooner. LEDs will cost you more out of pocket upon your purchase; however, they are more affordable than the older alternatives in the long run. LEDs use approximately 75% less energy and can last five to ten times longer. They may be eligible for rebates, too.

Here is a fun video explaining how to find the right light bulb when you are switching out your old ones.


Placing strategic lighting systems on motion sensors makes a lot of sense in terms of ease and utility in your home. Mudrooms or entry points into your home are common locations to place a motion-activated sensor light as your hands may be full when entering the home. When you have a sensor to turn the light on, it means no more fumbling for the light switch or dropping items unnecessarily.

In the workplace, installing individual office and bathroom lights on a motion sensor system will save money on electricity when employees or patrons forget to turn the lights off when leaving a room. Motion sensor lighting is especially useful in a bathroom. When the door opens into the bathroom, the motion sensor is activated. The light will stay on for a predetermined amount of time and then shut off until the sensor detects motion once again. A qualified electrician will guide you on building codes to have the time set accordingly. Motion sensors can provide an extra layer of safety by ensuring that lights turn on when your staff move through the building.

Find the best electrical solutions for your needs, whether they are personal or professional. Look to the experts for cost-effective solutions and expert guidance. Feel comfortable knowing you have made a bright choice for the future.

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