10 Difficulties That All Inexperienced Entrepreneurs Will Face

10 Difficulties That All Inexperienced Entrepreneurs Will Face

on May 4, 2018 in Entrepreneurship

Becoming an entrepreneur is a task filled with complicated challenges. It’s a long and bumpy road to the summit of success and it’s incredibly important that you focus on overcoming those challenges no matter how difficult they are. You need to be constantly motivated so that you never lose hope, and you need to have the right guidance to make it through to the end.

Fortunately for you, there is plenty of information available on the internet that will help you. You don’t need to find a mentor and you don’t need to go through years of trial and error–you just need to learn from the mistakes others have made and avoid them yourself.

  1. Being the most responsible person in the office

Perhaps the most challenging aspect of becoming an entrepreneur is coping with the idea that you’re going to be the most responsible person in the office. Yes, you’re going to be the one with the visions, you’re going to be the one everyone looks to for advice and you’ll need to be the one that comes into work every day regardless of if you’re sick or not.


  1. Leaving behind your other career choice

Becoming an entrepreneur demands your full attention. This means that you will be leaving behind your previous career choice if you want to pursue your career in entrepreneurship. You can’t stay with your current employer and expect to be a successful entrepreneur, you’re going to need to dedicate all of your time and energy into your new way of life or else it’ll be a gigantic waste of time.


  1. Coping with being your own boss

If you looked up to a manager or your boss in the past then you need to get out of that mentality. Instead of relying on others for advice, you need to be the one giving advice. You have to be the one with a steady mind that is able to guide others and make decisions. Being your own boss comes with a lot of responsibility, to do what you can to be more confident in your own decision making and leadership.


  1. Making all-important decisions

And speaking of decisions, you need to be the one that makes all of the all-important decisions in your workplace. This often means that you’ll be deciding between several options that could greatly affect the outcome of your business in both a positive and negative way. There will always be ups and downs to every decision and you’ll need to make a smart choice in order to actually grow your company.

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  1. Pulling back from failures

We’ve all heard that we have to learn from our failures, and entrepreneurship is no different. Everytime you fail, you need to bounce back and apply what you have learned to your business. Failing to do this will result in your business collapsing and you’re going to have an extremely difficult time progressing and growing your career.


  1. Dealing with your own finances

We also need to mention the financial side of your business. Far too many people think that they can get away with just having a spreadsheet, but there’s a reason why many companies hire a financial advisor and an accountant. You need to be able to take care of your own finances using various different services. For instance, you might consider invoice financing at the beginning of your newest startup to help you guarantee cash flow. You can read info here if you’re interested in invoice financing. It’s a great way to ensure you get paid but it’s still important to understand how it works and to also consult your financial advisor or accountant.


  1. Setting the standard and becoming the role model

As mentioned before, you are the one that will carry responsibilities and yes, this does mean that you will become the role model in the office. Your employees will look to you for help and guidance, and they’ll be following in your footsteps. If you don’t show them a good example, then you’re going to end up passing bad habits to them.


  1. Upholding your reputation

Whether it’s arguing with your staff or defending yourself on social media, people are going to attack you for the smallest things and you will need to be ready to defend yourself. Everything you say is going to go on record and you’ll need to try hard to maintain your reputation as a trustworthy and reliable entrepreneur.


  1. Staying humble no matter what your success is

It’s easy to let your success get to your head, so make sure you try your best to stay humble to avoid becoming delusional and assuming that you’re better than you really are. This is much easier than it sounds, but it’s still a good point to mention especially considering how compliments and media coverage can quickly overwhelm you and make you feel like your business is more successful than it actually is.


  1. Coping with criticism in all forms

Whether it’s someone complaining about your products and services or a critique whining about how you run your business, you’re eventually going to get a lot of flak no matter what you do. The best way to deal with it is to just ignore it. Respond to criticism that makes sense and ignore the messages that are blatant attempts to make you feel bad or get a reaction from you. Criticism will also come from your employees, so be prepared to accept what they say and listen to it as honest feedback.


As you can see, becoming an entrepreneur is filled with difficulties that, for many people, can be overwhelming and impossible to deal with. Whether you’re just starting out or have had some experience in entrepreneurship, look out for these roadblocks and do whatever you can to overcome them.


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