Different Insurance Types

Different Insurance Types

on Apr 28, 2019 in Small business

There are so many different types of insurance available today. Some celebrities have even insured specific body parts.


Of course, you have all of the different business insurance policies too, from the general ones to policies made for very specific businesses, for example, specialist insurance for medical clinics. A lot of people are shocked by the sheer number of policies available.


With that being said, let’s take a look at two insurance types you may not have considered.

Do You Play Golf A Lot?

Golf cover insurance is well worth considering if you are someone that hits the course a lot. Perhaps your business often uses golf for entertaining clients? In fact, the sheer size of the golf insurance market shows just how popular golf is at the moment.


A lot of people reading this will be wondering why on earth they need golf general insurance when it is one of the safest sports there is. However, this could be a costly mistake and attempts to be the next Tiger Woods or Rory McIlroy could be an expensive feat if you do not have the right policy in place.


Golf insurance from one of the leading insurance companies will cover the protection of your clubs and other equipment, public liability insurance, and personal injury cover. Of course, all policies differ from one and other, and you will need to read the terms properly to determine exactly what is and is not included.


Additional extras to consider when looking for a golf insurance plan include coverage while overseas, as well as protecting club membership payments and insurance for a golf buggy.


Did you know that you could even get hole-in-one cover? As you can see, golf insurance is more wide-ranging than most people realise. Nevertheless, the most fundamental aspect is coverage for all of your equipment, ensuring you are protected if there is accidental damage, vandalism, loss and theft.


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High Net Worth Insurance

High net worth insurance is a special type of home insurance that has been designed for people that have a salary that is well above average. If you are someone who has a privileged lifestyle, owns numerous cars, collects fine art, visits five-star hotels, or goes abroad a lot throughout the year, you are the type of person this insurance has been designed for.


There are many benefits associated with taking out this type of cover from insurance companies. Firstly, there are a lot of optional covers that are linked with an advantaged lifestyle. This includes coverage for pedigree pets, matching items, yachts and such like. This means that it is easy to find the exact type of policy that is catered to your lifestyle and your belongings.


You will also benefit from generous building cover when you go down this route. After all, there is a lot at stake if a natural disaster, such as a fire or a flood, or any type of accident occurs, and it causes damage to your property.


Another benefit of opting for high net worth insurance is the fact that you can cover a number of properties. A lot of people like to invest their money into property, and it can be much more effective to seek this type of insurance so that your properties are covered all over the world, instead of taking out a different plan for each one.


Finally, you will have vastly increased home contents cover, as this is designed to protect all of your assets that are linked with your high calibre lifestyle, including everything from antiques and wine collections to jewellery and pets.




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