Super Strategies That Will Have Customers Pledging Their Allegiance To Your Brand

Super Strategies That Will Have Customers Pledging Their Allegiance To Your Brand

on Nov 21, 2019 in Marketing

Customer retention is a big deal in business. In fact, there is little point in putting all of your resources into getting new customers, if you can’t keep the ones you’ve got. Of course, if you are doing it right, loyal customers can help with the hard work of spreading the word about your brand, and recruit new customers for you. Something that means encouraging strong loyalty to the point of pledging allegiance is a genius move for your business. Luckily, this is a topic you can get the lowdown on below. 

Create a strong brand

What underlies the most robust of customers loyalty is what you as a business provide to your clients. Of course, this can be broken down into many different sections, something that has been done below. However, before we move on to discuss those issues, we need to consider the value of your brand identity.



In fact, one of the best ways that you can encourage customer loyalty is to create a brand that is a little bit out of the ordinary. One way of doing this is to market your brand as representing the aspirations of your target demographic, and the ones adjacent to it. Something that can help to create an interest, desire, and loyalty, not just the people that actually buy your products, but those that aspire to as well. 


In fact, most brands do this via economic factors with good examples being Porsche and Chanel. Although, other ‘hot button’ topics will also work as well, such as your brand’s ethics, and how eco-friendly your products and processes are. 



Great customer service 

Once you have built a robust, aspirational brand, you need to focus on your customer service if you want to increase loyalty. The reason for this is because the experience that your customers have when interacting and purchasing from your brand is what they will remember when it comes to making their next purchase. It is also what they will remember when they come to making any recommendations, either IRL or online as well. 


Of course, there are several different factors to get right when it comes to customer service. The first is that you offer a good quality product, that does what it promises. While the second is that your delivery service is fast, and delivers the product in good condition. 


You will also need to make sure that the searching and buying process is as easy and convenient for your customers as possible. Something that you can do online by running good SEO, creating a specialised app, and boosting the UX on your website. While IRL, this is more about the experience you provide in your store, and how your representatives interact with customers. 


Additionally, what we traditionally think of as customer service, including ways to make queries and complaints are essential too. A factor that you can improve by offering multiple forms of communication such as chat boxes, phone lines, customer service desks, and even social media customer service provision. In fact, it is all of these factors combined that will create customer service so impressive that anyone buying from your brand is sure to stay loyal. 



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Creating a community 

Also, to boost customer loyalty do not ignore the value of community and identity. In fact, some experts argue that what is most missing from our modern lives is that sense of social integration. Of knowing exactly who we are and where we fit into the big scheme of things. This being something that can be very comforting in an uncertain world. 


With this in mind, offering even just a little taste of community can be something very appealing to potential customers. Luckily, there are quite a few strategies you can use to encourage it. 

The first is to have a place online where those that like your brand can gather, and discuss relevant topics. With forums and social media groups being the perfect place for this. 


Additionally, offering merchandise that is branded to those that buy from you can work incredibly well indeed. In fact, displaying loyalty to a particular brand online and IRL, especially an indie one, or one that is just getting off the ground has become like a badge of honour! 


Talking of badges, this is one form of merch that can do very well to help promote brand loyalty. Especially as unique custom badges will be specific to your brand, and also reasonably inexpensive. Something that makes them accessible at all price points, and can even be given away and shipped for free. With additional merch items to consider including T-shirts with your logo, travel mugs, cotton shoppers, and even plushies if appropriate to your audience. 


Loyalty rewards 

You can also encourage customer loyalty by offering rewards for when clients shop with you. The idea of this being to get them to come back to your time and time again. Therefore establishing a habit of buying from your brand. 


However, for customer loyalty programmes to be effective, you need to think carefully about the rewards you will offer. In fact, they need to be relevant to your customers and desirable as well. 


With that in mind, most businesses choose to run points schemes that convert into money that customers can spend in-store or online. This being something of distinct advantage to the customer, but also encourages sales within the business that is running them as well. 



Although, some providers, especially those that offer products of a more everyday nature that might not spark their customers desire, do offer alternative rewards.  This being something that can often include collaborations with other businesses and retailers, with a view to encouraging loyalty. Thus ensuring that when push comes to shove those that buy from them will waveringly pledge their allegiance to their brand. 



In summary, if you want your customers to be as loyal as possible, there are several factors you must consider. The first is creating an aspirational brand, while the second is offering the best customer service possible. Don’t forget to go out of your way to create a community too. Oh, and rewarding customers for shopping with you certainly won’t hurt either. 




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