Treat Your Corporate Clientele Differently From Casual Business

Treat Your Corporate Clientele Differently From Casual Business

on Aug 9, 2018 in Small business

Once you have the nuts and bolts of the business down, you now have meat on the bone essentially. You’re up and running, and selling products to customers all around the nation, city or region. If you’re a business that offers specific services and have a tiered system, you are aiming for the clientele market. What is this? Well, if you have a premium set of services that are expensive but very high quality, your main customers for such services will be other businesses and private clientele. It’s easy to understand the concept of another business being interested in what you have to offer as you may make their professional life easier or more efficient. Private clients are people who are linked to or work for corporations, which are multinational. These are the big beasts of the business and finance world. They have a lot of funds to use but they will only choose a certain business that not only fulfills their needs but has a serious approach to how they do business.

Straight through

Corporate clients should be given more privileges than a distributor, single customer, or another business. Unless of course there is urgent or ongoing business to be done with those aforementioned. However, a corporate client is communicating with you on behalf of a much large business than the others. Consider how many operations they are trying to manage and if you’re late or hard to reach, they will simply move on to another service. Always answer the emails and text messages of the client and don’t keep them waiting. They require you to be free to talk to them whenever they wish, and since they have made such a large order, their needs must be put first. Good communication policy and standard, therefore, helps to make the client feel as if they can go straight through to you. Trust and reliability will support your relationship growing further.

Always on call

It looks unprofessional if you are the first point of contact all the time with a client. It makes you seem small and not very busy for you to always answer the calls immediately. However you’re not a machine and you will be away from the phone when you’re sleeping, on a flight, or in a meeting. Yet seeing as you’re a small business, more than likely you don’t have a system in place to receive your calls and messages from a service. Companies can take your calls and behave as if they were your real receptionist or front desk, and relay any contact activity to you. Read through and Compare Answering Service according to the features they offer and the packages they have for small businesses especially. They add a new layer of professionalism to your business but also take on extra thing out of your hands. A call service can even set up appointments for you and keep your schedule going when you’re really busy.

A corporate client has the chance offers you a chance of bringing in more business than you currently do. They are speaking on behalf of a large company and thus should be treated differently from any casual business contacts you have.

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