What Convenience Should A Small Firm Indulge In?

What Convenience Should A Small Firm Indulge In?

on May 23, 2018 in Small business

Small firms all over the world have quite a large fight on their hands. Not only is it essential that they push forward and try to maintain their grip on the market, but also try to avoid the fate of 60% of businesses that fail in the first two years. Obviously, no business is generated with the intent to fail, so taking every advantage you can and making use of good work can help you avoid that sticky consequence.


There are some conveniences that small firms can indulge in. This is especially important in the early days, where time is money and money is time. Without the willingness to push forward and try to ensure these things are completed, it can be easy to fall to the wayside. The following tips should save you time, maybe money, but certainly effort. They can also help you get operational sooner which often makes the biggest difference of all.



Logo Design

One of the main things you should consider is finding a method of simplifying your logo design. From your logo, you can then identify what would work for your branding. However, let’s say that your a small firm, maybe even just starting up with one or two people at the helm. Do you really have the time, inclination, creativity and funding to hire a professional graphic designer, or do you have the ability to make one yourself? Resolving this issue could be as simple as using a perfectly competent instant logo maker online, and taking ideas for branding with that you play around with. The best part? The more simple a logo, the better it is. That will lead to a long-term advantage when trying to generate increase firm familiarity in the early days. Remember, you can always rebrand when your firm generates further followers. Even the big corporations do it from time to time. It’s natural and normal, but to set yourself up with an identifiable image quickly can be the most worthwhile initial thing you do.


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In the early days, simply having a tool to generate, store and edit files is important. You needn’t have the fancy computing setups with dual monitors that you see in most professional firms. Instead, you might consider simply purchasing a job lot of Thinkpad laptops used from a school, and converting it to a Chromebook through the use of open source software. You might also consider relying on cloud storage, as the cost of entry is extremely low, and you can access your files anywhere. It’s okay to take shortcuts with your IT system for now, especially because the work you’re doing likely isn’t massively complex. As long as you can store, generate and edit files effectively, and send them around to the necessary places, you will have a solid tool at your disposal.


Conveniences in business sound like a slipperly slope. It does sound better to generate everything ourselves from scratch, to become the firm that managed to operate for months with only $10 in the bank. This might sound good on a self-help guru’s Instagram page, but it doesn’t translate to reality most of the time. However, these simple and effective tips can save you some early time, money and energy, helping you focus on what really matters. Good luck!


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