Making Readers—and Search Engines—Fall in Love with Your Content

Making Readers—and Search Engines—Fall in Love with Your Content

on Jun 27, 2020 in Content marketing

Having a website is a chance to connect with your audience-and you’ve got about a few seconds to make it happen. It’s kind of like a love-at-first-sight situation. Time should stop, and your website should be the only thing your visitors see. Their eyes must be locked on whatever you’ve written there.

When visitors stay on your website, that sends a signal to Google and other search engines that your website is informative and valuable to the readers. The next time a user searches something related to your business, Google would likely rank you high on search engine results pages (SERPs).

But how can you create content that makes readers-and search engines-fall in love with your site?

Know Your Audience a Little Bit Better

You probably know the demographics of your target buyers: their gender, age, and income level. This time, take it two steps further by understanding their psychographics or their motivations to buy. Do they want a new set of baking pans because they simply want to hop on the sourdough bread trend? Or do they need it to streamline their home bakery operations and keep the business afloat this pandemic?

Whether you run online shopping sites or web portfolio for your design services, you need to know why your buyers buy. This way, you can anticipate what they would search on Google and know what to write to meet their search intent. It’s like doing a quick Facebook search to know your date a bit better.


Write for Your Audience, Not the Search Engines

Though you want your website to rank high on Google or other search engines, they are not your audience. Your audience is their users. Again, Google will only understand the value of your content if users stay on your website for a long time. You can achieve that through consistently engaging content.

With demographics and psychographics in mind, write for your audience. Be it a blog or a product copy, make sure the language is easy to understand, the topic is engaging, and the content is digestible.


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Make Shareable Content

Like how a right dress or suit can make you look pleasing on a dinner date, link building can help make your website look trustworthy, valuable, and sought-after in search engines’ eyes. How can you achieve link building? Make sure your content is shareable. Create trendy blogs, eye-catching infographics, or long-form copies, which are packed with helpful information for readers and other industry players.

If readers, writers, or publishers like your blog, they may share it on their website or social media. They may also cite it on their blog. With more websites mentioning your brand or service and sharing a link to your sites, you can boost your online reputation and win more Google search ranking points.


Associate with the Right Crowd

Hanging out with the right crowd can help you make an excellent first impression on dates. Imagine your date’s reaction when they found out you’ve volunteered with the Peace Corps or that you’re friends with Bill Gates.

The same goes for web content. When you write blogs, make sure to link to news sites and other reliable sources. This way, your content becomes more credible. That’s a smart SEO technique, as you show your readers (and search engines) that you know what you’re talking about and that you’re connected to those who have authority in your industry or market.


With tons of websites on SERPs, users have the option to click on a lot of them. They can also exit the sites as soon as they don’t like what they see. Create web content like you’re recreating a love-at-first-sight situation, and you will likely capture the heart and mind of each user that goes to your website.



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