Top Commercial Flooring Solutions

Top Commercial Flooring Solutions

on Jun 21, 2020 in Small business

Commercial flooring services are widely available. When looking for a business to provide you with such a service, it is important that they have a number of different flooring options available so that you end up with the perfect solution for you. Below, we take a look at two types of flooring in further detail.

Rubber flooring

There are many benefits associated with this type of commercial flooring, although it will not be right for all businesses. This is something your contractor will advise on. 


So, what can you expect from rubber commercial flooring solutions? Well, rubber is a material that is exceptionally durable. It does not get bumped or scraped easily. Therefore, if you are looking for flooring for high traffic areas, this is definitely an option worth considering. You can expect it to last for at least 20 years. 


Not only does it offer long-term performance, but also it is easy to look after too, which is ideal for any type of business. Most people will agree that it is stylish, and, of course, you have many different rubber flooring options available. 


Rubber is also a good shock absorber, which is why it tends to be used in gyms. In fact, one of the most overlooked benefits associated with this material is that it absorbs sounds. Therefore, it is great for soundproofing while also accommodating heavy traffic. This is why it is often used in warehouses as a great alternative to concrete flooring. From pallet racking safety inspections to working at a height safety; warehouse operators have many health and safety considerations, and flooring is another one of them. The good news is there are no health concerns with this material, and it is naturally resistant to mold and mildew.


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Marmoleum flooring

One option that you may not have considered is Marmoleum flooring. However, this type of flooring is widely used in hospitals and schools, and it boasts a lot of beneficial qualities, as you will find out below.


A lot of people consider this type of commercial flooring when they are looking for something that has environmentally friendly properties. It is made using natural materials, and will not outgas chemical residues or toxins. Not only is Marmoleum 100 per cent biodegradable, but also there are a lot of other benefits associated with it. This includes the fact that this type of flooring can help to lower dust mites and a lot of other common allergies. 


The flooring is also comfortable to walk on and stand on, which is not always the case with other commercial flooring solutions. There are no VOC’s present in this material, and it can be cut easily, meaning you can make borders and additional designs if you want to enhance the overall appearance of the flooring. One of the key reasons why this is such a popular choice is because of the anti-static properties Marmoleum boasts, meaning it is easier to clean, as dirt does not stick to it. The floor will also not burn easily, as it is heat resistant. With regard to normal use, you can expect the floor to last for 50 years. It also has anti-bacterial properties, meaning dangerous microbes, including salmonella, are not spread. 


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