Is It Time for Your Business to Upgrade Offices?

Is It Time for Your Business to Upgrade Offices?

on May 21, 2020 in Small business

Most first time business owners start off operating from home. As sales begin to progress and the brand begins to expand, they’ll generally move to a low cost office space, where they can accommodate their first staff members and have an official business address. However, as time passes and your business begins to experience more success and further expand, it may be time to consider a move to another office that better suits all of your business’ needs and requirements. Chances are that by now you have more money to invest into your office space and can afford to be a bit more picky. Here are a few areas you might want to focus on, as well as some useful tips to get from A to B.


Size is a key factor in any office space. You want to make sure that you move into an office that is bigger than you need. This may sound counter-intuitive, as the space will be more expensive and may feel wasted, but trust us on this one. Businesses quickly expand and having more room to grow into will be much better than having to fork out the costs associated with a move – the convenience of hiring a ute or trailer, or the services of removal specialists. This will allow you to easily take on more staff as your business continues to grow!



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Another factor to consider is location. Most small businesses start out relatively out of the way, as rent on less desired and less central offices is much cheaper. Rent on more central properties is, of course, more costly. But if you have the funds available, it’s definitely worth the investment. There are huge benefits that come hand in hand with locating your office in a more prominent or central location. First, it allows you to establish yourself as a serious presence within your field. People will recognise you as a serious competitor in your area of specialism and better established brands tend to gain more customer trust and loyalty. More central locations also tend to have a higher passing footfall, familiarising more and more people with your brand. On top of this, central locations are easier for staff to access, making your company more desirable to work for and increasing the pool of applicants you can choose from for different roles.



So many of us are familiar with the dull blue light and buzz of artificial lighting. Many of us have had to work in cramped spaces. These kinds of offices can result in reduced productivity and lower levels of staff satisfaction. So, look for better features in offices you’re considering moving too. Plenty of open space, plenty of natural light – these things can really benefit your business!


These simple steps can help you to get the office upgrade you’re looking for and can have plenty of positive results for your business. Bear them in mind during your next move!



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