7 Pieces Of Marketing Advice Your Business Needs

7 Pieces Of Marketing Advice Your Business Needs

on Jul 25, 2019 in Marketing

If you’re an entrepreneur it’s likely that you’ve always got marketing on the brain. As time goes by, strategies and best practices evolve, so it’s great to always be learning new things to stay ahead of the game. Even if you think you’ve got a solid marketing strategy, when the competition is so vast it’s worth considering ways that you can improve and develop. 


There are plenty of clever marketing techniques and tactics out there, ranging from full campaigns to using outsourced services like those provided by https://www.digitalhitmen.com.au/seo/. Here’s a little more detail to help you to find the best options for your business’ success.

 Blog content 

Your blog is a powerful inbound marketing tool which has the potential to provide you with many benefits if it’s used in the right way. The best piece of advice, when it comes to written blog content, is to never make any compromises on the quality or originality. Sometimes, lack of time or effort will hinder the quality of a business blog. Many businesses make the mistake of writing keyword-rich content which doesn’t actually deliver as a valuable and exciting read for their audience. Sure it’s necessary to use keywords to drive traffic, but if the actual writing itself isn’t genuinely insightful, you won’t be making a good impression on anyone. 


Choose your topics carefully and avoid writing about anything that has been overworked as a topic online. Do your research and planning thoroughly so that the foundations of your ideas are reliable and authentic. Be creative and put some zest, humour and personality into your writing. If you outsource your blog content, choose a high-quality professional writer who knows their stuff. Communicate to the writer exactly what your standards are and what they are expected to produce. If you have a clear strategy that relies upon quality and creativity, you are more likely to get people talking and become a credible member of your industry. 


 Contribute guest posts

It’s an excellent marketing strategy to offer guest articles for print or online publications. The publications in your industry will likely be happy to receive guest content from someone with expertise. You will present yourself and your business as both knowledgeable and authoritative within your field. Once people start seeing your name around in different places, they will be keen to know more and look to your website. Your staff could write guest articles also, to spread the word even further. 



You’ll need to have SEO at the top of your to-do list when it comes to your website. Keyword-rich content will help get you on the map, and it’s essential to always be analysing your performance. Many businesses opt for doing their SEO themselves, and this is a viable option for start-ups looking to save on expenses. As your business grows, you may find that you need a more robust and professional SEO service to stay ahead. With so many similar websites, it’s becoming more challenging to deploy SEO and get noticed. Hiring a freelance seo consultant is an investment that you won’t regret. They will help you to see your SEO continue to improve month by month. 


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PPC marketing has the same end game as SEO; only the results are achieved differently. With PPC, you can essentially bid on keywords to rank higher in search engines and pay every time that your ad gets clicked on. You are buying visits to your site, as opposed to seeking to earn them as SEO does. Pay-per-click can be very beneficial if you want quicker results. It is cost-effective because you only pay when your ad is actually clicked on, and it’s also easy to analyse your results. PPC is a surefire way to stand-out quickly and get lots of traffic to your site. There’s no harm in practicing both SEO and PPC strategies for your business. 


Email marketing 

If you want to drive sales, your email marketing strategies need to be highly effective. Sometimes it’s difficult to get people to offer you their email address via a mere pop-up. What you should do is offer incentives to get people to give you their contact details. Create a valuable ebook, how-to guide or insightive report. Once you’ve done so, you can offer it to those who visit your website in exchange for email addresses. If you design ebooks that will grab the attention of your target market, it’s likely that many more of them will give you their contact information. Many customers will not reach the end of your sales funnel on their first visit to your website, yet if you have their email address, you can reel them back in with some discounts and special offers. 


 Charity work 

Getting involved with a good cause is not just beneficial for the well-being of others, it can also serve to get your business noticed and to drive your branding forward. People will always favour businesses that they can identify with, so if you establish yourself as empathetic, it’s far more likely that people will want to know more about you. Choose a charity that means something to you and your brand story, enjoy giving something back and stand-out at the same time.



Webinars allow you to present yourself to an online audience live and answer their questions in real-time. You can effectively market yourself, a new product or promotion via webinars. What’s more, you can offer your expertise and establish your reputation. Putting yourself out there in this way will allow you to gain people’s trust, present your branding through interaction and grow your online following. Often, people prefer live or video content to really get a feel for a business and what they are about. You could try video marketing also, to tap into this concept further. Creating a marketing video can also serve as a great team building exercise for you and your staff. 


Don’t worry if you can’t action all of these ideas straight away; your marketing strategy is a process that can be developed over time. The most important thing is that you are always looking at your existing strategies, analysing them and seeking to improve. Striving always to be better in the world of marketing will allow you to keep on driving success as a business. 




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7 Pieces Of Marketing Advice Your Business Needs
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7 Pieces Of Marketing Advice Your Business Needs
Even if you think you’ve got a solid marketing strategy, when the competition is so vast it’s worth considering ways that you can improve and develop.

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