Make Your Business IT Work for You, Not Against You

Make Your Business IT Work for You, Not Against You

on Aug 15, 2018 in Small business

Offices are often riddled with technology faults and problems that hinder them more than help them. The problem is mainly that people try to fit themselves around technology instead of using it as a tool to help their own businesses. This is becoming an increasingly problematic issue because it not only demands more money to fix but can ultimately slow down the growth of your business.   People don’t usually see it as an issue to fit your business around a certain technological framework, but it limits your creativity and you don’t learn much about your own tendencies and preferred workflows if you don’t experiment and try something that personally works for you and your staff. To help illustrate the point, we’ve put together an article that will teach you how to overcome your business technology and make it work for you.

Use IT to Supplement Your Business

One of the first steps is to understand just how IT actually fits into your company’s workflow. It’s ideal for strengthening a business and that means you need to be self-aware of what your weaknesses are, but also what your strengths are. It’s difficult to use IT to improve your business if you don’t identify the parts of your business that it can actually help. In the beginning, you can use simple IT-based solutions to help grow your business, but even a small solution needs to have an upgrade path in the future in order to scale up.


For instance, if your team is having trouble collaborating on tasks, then it could be because you’re not using a powerful enough cloud solution that supports multiple employees. Although solutions like Google Drive are great for smaller companies, collaborative work in a large team requires sophisticated technology in order to manage the many different revisions and forks that a piece of work can go through.


Define Your IT Strategy

Every business has to their own IT strategy. Where you plan to deploy your cloud services, how you want to improve your network in the future and also how you plan for technology to shape your business must all be defined early on in your business plan. Strategic IT consulting is one of the best ways to put together a plan for your IT. It’s essential that you don’t waste capital trying something that won’t work, and it’s also important to have a strategy ready to implement as your idea moves into the startup phase.


Trying to imitate another business by using their strategies and technology simply won’t work. Implanting another company’s IT strategy into your own business comes with many challenges, and you’ll eventually start to copy their workflow and you’ll give up any strengths that you personally have as a team. The goal of using IT in your workplace is to improve what you’re good at and minimize your weaknesses. This is possible with the help of a thorough and detailed IT strategy, and it helps when you stop looking at what other businesses are doing so you can focus on your own company.



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