Why You Should Never Miss A Business Phone Call

Why You Should Never Miss A Business Phone Call

on Aug 2, 2018 in Small business

Starting a successful business means being willing to go above and beyond for your customers – which is the reason you should endeavour to never miss a phone call. When you’re a business owner, having the phone ring non stop can sometimes be a hindrance, so you need to find ways to make sure your calls are always answered and messages accurately taken.

What happens when you miss phone calls? A number of things:

  • You can lose a potential customer, especially if they try to call more than once and nobody picks up.
  • You can develop a bad reputation if nobody is there to provide customer service and answer important questions.
  • You put relationships in jeopardy. Business relationships are so important.
  • You run the risk of making customers feel unimportant.


There are all kinds of reasons you shouldn’t be missing phone calls. However, you can’t be in three places at once, and the life of a business owner is often very busy. So, what can you do to make sure you never miss a call? Read on to find out:


The Three Ring Rule?

Some people say that smart business owners will always answer their phone within three rings. This might seem extreme, but it can help. 7/10 people will hang up the phone if you don’t answer, and they usually won’t call back either. Even if you have a messaging machine that kicks in after about 5 rings, people will likely hang up without leaving a message.




Call Forwarding

This option can be useful for small businesses. You can direct calls so that they come through to your mobile phone, enabling you to answer business calls even when you’re on the go. Not helpful if you’re trying to take a break, but definitely helpful if you have to step out of the office for whatever reason.

Invest In A Professional Business Phone System

You can now invest in virtual office software that ensures you never miss a call and comes with numerous other benefits. If you’re looking at 1800 numbers in Australia, even though you’re in the UK, you can find something suitable. Having numbers on various places around the world will help you to broaden your reach. People are far more likely to call when you have a professional 1800 number too – it’s time to stop using your personal number, or a number that makes you look less professional!


Visual Voicemail

If you really can’t pick up the phone and (luckily) the customer leaves a voicemail, this option gives you what you need to respond as soon as possible. The voicemail will be transcribed into an email, so you have all of the information you need to get back to them and answer their questions.


Virtual Assistant

Hiring a virtual assistant means you’ll have somebody to take care of different admin tasks for you, including answering the phone and taking messages for you. With a virtual assistant, you don’t have as many responsibilities as hiring a real assistant!



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