How To Bring The Benefits Of Work From Home Into The Office

How To Bring The Benefits Of Work From Home Into The Office

on Mar 5, 2021 in Productivity

For years, remote work has been the workplace dream, with an astounding amount of employees stating that they’d accept a 10% pay cut for the privilege. But, almost a year into enforced remote switches, many managers and their employees are realising that this working setup might not be all that it’s cracked up to be. 

In fact, studies point to a range of remote issues, including –

  • Communication problems (reported by 17%)
  • Loneliness (reported by 19%)
  • Unplugging after work (reported by 22%)
  • And more

Admittedly, the fact that 98% of workers still wish to work from home at least some of the time suggests that these setbacks aren’t the be-all and end-all. But, in workplaces where employees are hit particularly hard, employers are understandably keen to get their teams back in the office.

Unfortunately, many predict the adjusting back to working norms may be a challenge, and that’s ever-more the case the longer disruptions continue. As such, managers should take time now to work out how to ease their workforces back into an office setup that keeps everyone happy. 

In many ways, achieving this goal is all about considering the plus points of remote work and trying to inject them into an office setting that negates the bad stuff. The question is, how exactly can employers make that happen? 

Redesign with comfort in mind

Offices have been shut up for such a long time that now is the ideal opportunity to turn to a company like Express Fitouts for an updated redesign that takes recent home working into consideration. Namely, a focus on integrating comfort at the design stage could work wonders for helping employees continue to enjoy pleasant conditions. This shouldn’t even be difficult to achieve, with a focus on accessories like plants and comfortable seating areas already very much integrated in many modern office designs. 

Encourage employee customisations

The ability to work surrounded by the things they love is a definite remote plus for many, and it’s something that you can easily integrate within the office. Simply allowing personal photos or plants from home, etc. could make a huge difference. You could even go all out, letting employees add shelving units and more that help them to create a space that suits them just as well as their home office.

Reduce distractions

A reduction in distractions has been a definite remote plus, with remote workers so efficient that they work an average 1.4 days more per month. In large part, these output improvements are a result of fewer distractions which, in traditionally open-plan office setups remain out of reach. By stepping away from this open plans and instead implementing private offices or at least segmented desks, you should find that your team is far better able to get their heads down, and far happier for it.

Remote work might not have been a runaway success in all walks of business, but it has taught us a thing or two. By incorporating these changes before ‘normality’ resumes, you’re guaranteed to reap some pretty significant benefits.

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