Basic Preparations When Renovating Your Office

Basic Preparations When Renovating Your Office

on Oct 2, 2021 in Small business

If you’re like most people, your office is probably where you spend the vast majority of your day. You may not be considering it right now, but if renovations are about to take place at your work, you’ll want to read on. With some basic strategies and preparation, the renovation process can go as smoothly as possible for everyone involved.

Consult with Staff Members

One of the first steps towards avoiding potential problems is consulting with all members of staff who will be affected by any changes that will take place over the coming weeks and months – especially those who work close to construction areas. If they know what to expect and how their actions might affect others during such an event, their cooperation won’t come as a surprise later on down the road.

Send Out a Notice

If possible, the construction process should be announced before starting work. This provides staff with time to prepare themselves and their individual or shared workspaces for what’s ahead. It also gives them a chance to plan for any disruptions during the renovation period, especially when it comes to parking, noise, dust, commercial cleaning services, and other unexpected issues. Some companies display a small notice in an area where everyone can easily see it, while others send out an email or physical letters instead.

Inform the Public

Also, consider the needs of people who aren’t your employees but may rely on your company in some fashion. For example, suppose you’re a small business that serves coffee and doughnuts to customers every morning. In that case, you’ll want to make sure that the people responsible for picking up food and refreshments know about upcoming renovations so they can plan accordingly.

Make Temporary Arrangements

If your workers are spending extended periods away from their regular workspaces while renovations occur, they may need to make some temporary adjustments. If possible, consider setting up a workspace for them in another area of the building to continue operating as normally as possible. If that’s not an option, then you might want to let them work remotely.

Communication is Key

Regardless of your decision here, it’s essential to communicate with them directly about any potential changes they’ll be facing because of the renovation process – especially if their new work environment will be different from what they’re used to or if specific tools or equipment won’t be available. Even though you may feel like coming up with solutions on your own is enough, staff members who are allowed to speak freely about how these issues affect their daily lives and responsibilities tend to appreciate the extra effort.

All Hands on Deck

During the renovation process, it’s also a good idea to make sure managers and supervisors know how they can help their employees if the office changes in any way. And since several employees may be using portable equipment like laptops and smartphones instead of more traditional tools and devices during renovations, workers should feel empowered to ask for assistance when necessary.

Expect the Unexpected

Renovations are supposed to make our lives better, but sometimes they can also negatively impact our schedules, daily operations, and overall productivity. That’s why preparing your employees for renovations ahead of time is essential, especially when communicating what changes are coming their way and how they’ll handle them once the project gets started.

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