6 Reasons Why Shredding Your Documents Is Important

6 Reasons Why Shredding Your Documents Is Important

on Jan 24, 2021 in Small business

Shred and forget it!

 Whether it’s your own or your customers’ sensitive information, keeping the information secure is crucial. Keeping documents that are no longer needed and are not stored in a secure area poses a great threat to your identity and can result in a data breach. For this reason, you should let a shredding documents services company help you do away with the documents that you no longer require.

 If you are ready to do some document cleaning, we will help you sort the essential documents you need from the ones you no longer require, then proceed to lock up the ones you require or scan them and store these digital files in a safe place. Once we are through, we will shred all the physical documents that you no longer require as it is the best method of destroying them.

A data breach can put your company at risk and possibly tarnish its reputation. You should shred your sensitive documents because:

The Law Requires You to Do So

 Under the Data Protection Act, sensitive records, such as salary details, personal address details, or medical records, legally have to get rid of correctly. You should shred such documents before they are thrown out to ensure that people’s data stays confidential.

Your Business’ Data Will Remain Classified

 Businesses often document everything from future business developments to sale figures to staff details to meeting notes. Imagine if these documents land in the wrong hands? Suppose a business shreds its documents before throwing them out. In that case, they will have peace of mind that anyone who is rifling through their waste papers will not get any sensitive business information.

You Will save Your Business from Corporate Espionage

 If a business has spent money and time researching and coming up with a new service or product, this could be of high value to its competitor businesses. If a competitor company gets hold of your documents containing confidential future product plans or ideas, they could steal them and develop them themselves. As a result, you will face a financial loss.

You Will save on Storage Space

 A business could have documents and papers which are many years old and are no longer required; however, they may not be sure of the best way to dispose of them. Paper usually takes a lot of office space, sitting in filing cabinets or desks. By letting a shredding document service shred them, you can free more space.

You Reduce a Potential Fire Hazard

 Having stacked papers around your office creates the perfect fuel for the spread of fire. Therefore, shred the documents that you no longer require and do away with the fire hazard your excess papers create.

Your Clients Will Trust You

Clients will often trust a company that shreds the confidential documents that contain details about them. Ensure that your clients know that you usually shred the documents that contain their sensitive data, and they will be confident that you treat their data securely and respectfully.

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