Is Your Office Well Connected?

Is Your Office Well Connected?

on Aug 20, 2020 in Productivity, Small business

When you’re in the office, you need a strong and stable connection to rely on. You need to be able to access the internet, and any of your data or files, in a matter of seconds. After all, a bad network latency could be the difference between closing that deal and losing out on it completely! 

So, it’s time to improve your office’s connection, and get back to doing the work you need to do the most. Here are some factors of office life that might need some improving upon, so be sure to keep them in mind for fixing up your worst working days. 

Move Your Wifi

Where is your Wifi router currently placed? Because if it’s at the back of your office, or it’s in a cupboard or closet somewhere, it might not be getting the right amount of exposure that it needs. Similarly, with how enclosing these placements can be, it might not be covering the entirety of your office as you need it to. 

So, it might be worth it to move your wifi, especially if you regularly experience slow or poorly connecting days. Put it center stage, giving it equal access to all sides of your office. You may even want to get a wifi booster to plug into, to allow your employees to get online faster, even when the weather or other external interruptions say no. 

Provide Multiple Channels of Contact

If your employees work out and about, or they take a long time to commute, providing more than one way to get work done, or to contact their fellow employees, is key to boosting the productivity of your unit. Allowing mobile use, for example, could help your employees stay on task, with mobile messaging, emailing, and even document systems. 

You may also want to develop your own office software that allows you to integrate all of your connected social media and/or messaging platforms. With a bit of Custom Software Development, you can come up with your own app to use in house and remotely, with unique connections and log in details that only your office can access. 

Automate Your Systems

And as a final point, you may want to think about automating your systems. If you can keep repetitive tasks off of your employees’ to do lists, you can help them to allocate their time much better, and even grant more flexible working hours for them to follow. 

Using AI, or the cloud, or even setting up daily supply ordering or email templates to follow, could go a long way to automating processes and cutting down on the time they consume. If you want your office to move faster, or to get more down during the day, this is how you connect the dots. 

Your office might not be as well connected as you need it to be. Think about improving and/or automating your systems, and your work days should move much faster than they did before.

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