Use These Smart Trends To Up Your Marketing Game

Use These Smart Trends To Up Your Marketing Game

on Dec 22, 2021 in Marketing

Marketing is an ever-evolving entity. Just when you thought you understood precisely how to connect with your target audience another new, more nuanced, or more effective method is introduced. That is why it’s so important to stay up to date with the latest marketing trends. Happily, you can find four of the most useful marketing trends, below. 

Get used to paying for social 

Until fairly recently social media marketing has been considered as one of the most effective and low-cost ways of spreading brand awareness and connecting with potential customers. The good news is that this is set to continue, albeit alongside paid social media advertising. 

Indeed, because of the way that social media platforms like Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter prioritized paid marketing, including it in your overall strategy will be necessary to ensure your content still gets in front of the people most likely to buy it. 

Embrace the power of the influencer 

2021 has truly been the year of the influencer, and by embracing this, businesses can vastly improve their marketing efficacy and reach. Of course, finding and reaching out to the right influencer for your brand can be easier said than done. After all, there are so many, all setting their own terms and prices. Influencers also get a lot of requests every day so it can be easy for your business inquiries to be lost amongst all the others. 

Fortunately, that is where experts like Clive social media marketing can help. Indeed, as one of their specialties is Influencer Cultivation, making sure you get the perfect match for your campaign, couldn’t be easier. 

Encourage customers to advocate for your business 

It’s not only social media influencers that are ideally placed to act as advocates for your brand but previous happy customers too! This is because many people like to check reviews for items or even get personal recommendations before they part with their hard-earned cash, and who better to give these than customers that have already had a positive experience with your company?

There are several tactics you can use to encourage previous customers to advocate for your brand too. The first is to incentivize them with discounts and special offers if they get a friend or family member to sign up. Alternatively, crafting an online community of which your customers can be a part can work very well too. 

Lastly, don’t forget to encourage all your previous customers to leave a review on an independent site. Indeed, even if these aren’t as positive as you would first like they are still infinitely valuable as they provide both an opportunity to show you care about your customers as you reply, and vital information that will help you improve your service. 

Combine on and offline tactics 

Online marketing is vital in today’s market, but it certainly isn’t all she wrote when it comes to effectively promoting your business. Offline strategies such as events can also be very successful. 

However, to get the most value out of real-life events it’s best to combine them with online methods. For example, if you are holding a meet-up, use QR codes, branded photo booth props, and hashtags so attendees can share images online. 

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