Big Things You Can’t Miss When Building New Business Premises

Big Things You Can’t Miss When Building New Business Premises

on Mar 20, 2021 in Small business

Building your own business premises isn’t something to take lightly. It takes time and money to do, plus you have to find a good location. Many of the best business locations are already going to be built-up, with opportunities to rent or buy commercial property that’s already there. But building your own premises can give you more control and allow you a higher level of customisation. If you’re building new business premises, whether it’s an office, a warehouse, a store, or something else, there are some key things to think about during the design if you want to get it right.

Get the Right Location

Before you can design your premises, you need to find the right location. It might be a piece of available land that you’re looking for but you could also buy an existing building that you’re prepared to demolish or perhaps heavily renovate. Finding the right location might be tough, but it will depend on what your premises are for. Perhaps you have to think about your customers, but it could be only your employees who will need access to the site. This can make it easier because you don’t have to find a location that’s commercially viable. It just has to be convenient for your staff.

Consider the Right Layout

The layout of your new premises is something to consider during the design process. It’s not just the position of furniture and equipment that you might think about but also different rooms, spaces, or zones. There are lots of things to think about, from practicality and health and safety to keeping both your staff and customers or visitors happy. Some important things to consider could be where to put bathrooms, kitchens and other facilities for your staff. You want them to be in convenient locations so they’re quick and easy to access.

Get the Lighting Right

Lighting is one of the first things to consider for your interiors. You’ll need to get the wiring installed fairly early on, so you have to think about what you want from your lighting. Of course, this will depend on the purpose of the building. Your commercial electrician can help you to both design and install the lighting. They can make suggestions for what will work best and how to make use of different types of lighting in different areas. Get your lighting right and you can set the tone for the rest of your interiors.

Remember to Consider Accessibility

Accessibility is something to consider when designing your business too. You have the chance to make it from scratch, so why not do so with accessibility in mind, rather than potentially having to make changes later? For example, if you avoid putting steps to get into the building, there won’t be any need to add a ramp or any other measures for people who can’t use the steps. It’s a smart way to design your building for everyone.

When you build your new business premises, you get to design them for the exact needs of your business, so don’t waste the opportunity.

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