7 Things Your Website Should be Able to Do

7 Things Your Website Should be Able to Do

on Jul 3, 2018 in Marketing

Are you sure that your website is currently up to scratch and as strong as it could be? If not, you need to think about what you should be doing to put things right. There are so many things that matter when you’re running a business, but in 2018, few things matter more than the quality of your website. If it’s not doing what you need it to, you’re going to have troubles winning over new customers.


So what should your website be able to do? It’s time to delve into that and find out some answers right now. Read on and learn about each of the 7 things that your website should be able to do well. You might learn more about the areas in which you need to make improvements to your website.


  1. Connect to Social Media

Social media is huge for businesses that want to connect to customers and clients in a more direct way. It’s in your interests to ensure you always have a way for people to move between your website and your social media platforms. So that’s why you should add some simple buttons to the top of your homepage that take the user to your Facebook page, Twitter profile or Instagram account. It’s a small but important thing.


  1. Highlight What You’re All About & What You Can Offer

People need to be shown straightaway what your business is about and what it has to offer them. If it’s not immediately obvious what your business is offering people, it will only confuse them unnecessarily. So be sure to highlight these important details as soon as you can. There should be no room for ambiguity or confusion when it comes to stuff like this.


  1. Look Professional, Immediately

People need to see that you offer a professional service, and they’ll know that you do if you show them a professional looking website as soon as they click through to your homepage. You can get modern web designs from a creative agency if you think your design is currently lagging behind the competition. It’s definitely worth making changes because professionalism is key when it comes to winning over new clients and progressing your company.


  1. Show Off Customer Feedback

When a customer is thinking of buying from you or using your services, they will want to learn more about what other customers have thought when buying from you in the past. That’s why you should allow customer feedback and reviews. At the very least, you should have some customer testimonials that people can read through and consider. If it can give people confidence before they buy, it’s more than worth it.


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  1. Facilitate Sales or Contact

What’s the ultimate purpose of your website? Do you want to initiate more sales or simply allow people to get in touch with you? Whatever it is, it needs to be made possible by the design and layout of your website. Try to facilitate sales by pointing people towards your store and the best offers you have on at that moment in time. Stuff like this really can make a pretty big difference.


  1. Offer Insights and Analytics Right Back to You

You should use a platform for your website that provides you with insight into how your website is performing and how people are using it. These analytics will tell you a huge amount about what you should do next and how you can improve things from there. If you completely ignore this stuff, you will only end up regretting it later. Even if you find it all complicated, you should at least try to learn what it means.


  1. Be Completely Secure

Security is one thing that you can’t afford to cut corners on when it comes to managing your website. The sooner you accept this the better. People won’t even hang around on your website for a second if they notice that it’s lacking authorised security. Try to get this right now to avoid massive problems for you and your customers and clients. If you want people to trust your website, it has to be properly secure.


Your website is one of your business’s most important assets. In the online world, this is the thing that people will see first when they discover your business for the first time. You want it to be able to address their needs and impress them right away. If it can’t do these 7 things, it’s time to make changes.



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