Are You Ready to Take Your Home Business to the Next Level?

Are You Ready to Take Your Home Business to the Next Level?

on Jul 19, 2018 in Entrepreneurship

Has your home business been going from strength to strength? People can be surprised at just how well home and online businesses can do, if you go about things the right way you can earn a significant amount- the sky’s the limit. But if you’re being hindered by your small size and surroundings, now might be the time to start expanding and branching out. Here are some of the ways you can take your home business to the next level.

Move to commercial premises

Running a business from home can be oh- so- convenient. There’s no commute, no travel costs, easy access to the kettle and your kitchen and you can work in your pyjamas if you want to! However, in time as your business grows, it just might not be feasible any more. You might be running out of space, you might need better transport links for delivery or you might need to hold meetings with clients in a more professional space. Either way, moving to commercial premises might be for you. It can be quite the task moving everything from A to B, and you might need to use a self-storage company like along the way if you’re not able to do everything in one go. But this can be a big step up for your business and something to consider if you want to expand.


Hire workers

Hiring workers when you work from home isn’t the most convenient, and so once you’ve moved into commercial premises you can consider adding more hands on deck. Making the choice to hire your first employee or employees is a big one, but as your company grows and your workload increases in time it will no longer be possible to do everything yourself. You will need to spend time in the recruitment stage ensuring that you’re finding the very best people for the job. Fair wages and good employee benefits will attract the right candidates, be sure to interview carefully and follow up on references. It’s down to you to ensure they’re allowed to work for you so you will need to run background checks too.


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As well as (or instead of) hiring employees, outsourcing areas of your business is always a smart move. Whether it’s your accounting and finance, fulfilment, HR or marketing, when you hire a professional third-party company to take over an area of your business you can ensure the work is being done to the highest standard. Outsourcing is great for if your workload in certain areas fluctuates, instead of taking on a permanent staff member (who you then have to pay) instead you can hire another company on a job by job basis. It can save you time, money and hassle and is a great way to expand your business without needing to hire lots of new people or rent an enormous office space for them all! If you don’t want to move to a commercial office but still want to expand, outsourcing can allow you to do this as you don’t need to hire anyone yourself.


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