Is Your Stockroom Sorted Right?

Is Your Stockroom Sorted Right?

on Jun 2, 2020 in Small business

Your stockroom could very well be a mess! It could be a place that’s filled to the brim with unlabelled, out of date boxes, and who really knows what’s in them? And sure, this might not be too much of a problem for you now – after all, you’re a dab hand at digging through them and finding what you need to – but think about the future, when you bring more staff in and they just don’t get on with the scene at all. Something needs to change. 


Thankfully, there are plenty of things you can do to sort and organise a stock room. We’ve collected together a few starting points for you to look into below – make sure you put a plan of action together moving forward! 

Make Use of Various Levels

It’s important that you learn how to stack within your stockroom. You need to be able to make use of all of the space that you can in there, and in order to make it a room that’s safe enough to move around in, that means making use of vertical space. You’re going to need to get a hold of the right shelves, of course, and the right equipment to make use of them. 


Don’t worry, making sure you can get up and down as needed doesn’t have to be a bother. Obtaining a Liecence to operate an EWP can be a real benefit to your company culture too; it’s a great way to bump up a CV for any employee who goes through the training, and it ensures your workplace prioritises health and safety. 


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Label Items Correctly

You’re also going to need to come up with a labelling system for your stockroom. Sure, you might be using a barcode system at the minute, but not everyone in the stock room is going to have access to the machinery needed to read these. 


So, make sure you whip out a pen, or use something like a label maker, and note down what the item is on the box too. You’re also going to want to note down where the item is meant to be stored, in terms of aisle, rack number, and shelf placement. Make sure everything goes back where it needs to! 


Keep it Clean

And finally, make sure you keep your stockroom as clean as you can make it. You’re going to want to do a clean up and a clear out at least once a quarter, to ensure you’ve got enough space back there, and you’re not holding into old stock, or stock you could make a quick and easy buck off via an end of season sale. Most of all, make sure you keep the floors clear; make sure there are no boxes in the walkways, and ensure everything is packed tight and you’re not dealing with any spillages. 


So, your stockroom might not be sorted quite right, but you’ve got the time now to make some changes back there.



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