Stretching Yourself When Your Entrepreneurial Skills Are Getting Stale

Stretching Yourself When Your Entrepreneurial Skills Are Getting Stale

on Jul 24, 2019 in Entrepreneurship

Whether you are on the road to developing a new business or are well-seasoned, your entrepreneurial skills suffer from getting stale on occasion. We need to continually push the boundaries, not just in business, but in ourselves. This means that we have got to get out of our heads, and think outside the box. But this is easier said than done. So how can we make sure that we start to stretch ourselves, especially when we are so used to our working methods, but they begin to get stale? 


Learn Something New

We don’t necessarily have to go and reinvent the wheel. Rather, we can go and learn something new that we’ve had an inkling towards for some time that will work in so many different aspects of the business. You could learn a specific skill, like public administration through the University of Southern California or another major institution if you are working within a niche industry, on the other hand, if you felt that developing your language skills would benefit you as well as net you new clients, why don’t you do it? Learning something new is a habit we need to get into. 


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Get Creative

One of the biggest problems we have as a creative person is that we don’t shake it up as much as we think we do. Being creative is about trying new things. And while we think we’ve discovered one way of working that really nails what we’re all about, if we start to try different methods, using different senses, or giving ourselves a tighter time frame, you would be very surprised as to how it can affect your ability to be creative. You’d think that it hinders your abilities, but it does the opposite. Once you start to become creative in other ways, it feeds into your life. If you’re someone that doesn’t appreciate, for example, going to a museum, looking at different textures and colours could feed into your design capabilities, or give you some inspiration for an ad campaign. We should never stop learning, but we should always find new ways of creating.


Get A Mentor

There is a temptation to be a self-made business person. Doing it all ourselves gives us a sense of satisfaction but we never go beyond our parameters; we’ll never gain an appreciation of how other people work. Getting a mentor is one of those invaluable processes, regardless of the stage you are at in your business journey. Getting a mentor can guide you through the next phase of your business life, or help you to learn new things, or just make you realise that you’ve been doing it wrong all this time, even though you thought you were doing okay. Getting a mentor isn’t a way for someone to tell you where you’re going wrong, but pushes you down a different path.


It’s vital that we stretch ourselves. It doesn’t have to be a major upheaval. Changing small things in our life can flicker the light bulb in ways we couldn’t possibly imagine. Constantly pushing for new approaches to working means we have to lead by example. If you want your business to be more creative, more communicative, or just do something differently, then you’d better practice what you preach.



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