Preventing The Most Common Causes Of Injury In Your Gym

Preventing The Most Common Causes Of Injury In Your Gym

on Jan 26, 2024 in Small business

If you’re looking to make a career in the fitness industry, it’s important to understand not just how you can help your clients and customers improve their fitness, but the risks that can come with it, as well. Injuries are unfortunately common in gyms, and they can represent a real legal liability if you’re not doing enough to prevent them. As such, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Improper use of equipment

Not to put the blame or the onus on your clients, but improper use of equipment can often lead to musculoskeletal injuries, as well as accidents. You should ensure that your gym floor staff are able to recognise improper equipment use, whether it’s clients simply being negligent or not practising proper form, and to offer corrective advice to decrease the risk of them hurting themselves.

Improper maintenance of equipment

Not all accidents are down to poor use of equipment, of course. If that equipment has a malfunction or has experienced wear and tear that affects its use, it could lead to injury. As such, you should ensure a thorough and routine gym equipment maintenance plan. It’s important to address any faulty equipment as soon as your attention is brought to it as well. Don’t let clients access equipment that shows signs of faults, either move it off the gym floor or make it clear that it’s out of order.

Slips, trips, and falls

The floors of a gym can get very slippery. There’s a lot of foot traffic, not to mention people sweating, spilling drinks of water, and more. Cleaning up the floor whenever you spot a hazard is vital, but you can ensure fewer slips and trips by using more appropriate flooring, such as rubber flooring. Make sure that the floor is always kept clear of unnecessary obstacles, such as gym bags and the like.

Lack of necessary space

If people do not have the space to move through the gym or complete a workout without bumping into someone, this can lead to serious injuries. Make sure to emphasise the importance of spatial awareness for all attendees to the gym but, just as importantly, lay it out to ensure that they have the space that they need. It’s not all about maximising the space for your machines, you need to exercise some restraint when necessary.

Managing injuries

Of course, do what you can to identify and address hazards, you’re still likely to have an injury happen on your premises at some point. Managing injuries is vital, and you should have a plan of action to give first aid before further medical attention can be given. Aside from having the first aid kits your premises need, be sure to invest in first aid training for your staff, too.

You want to ensure that you can’t be accused of negligence in the event of an injury in your gym. Take the time to consider the safety hazards that have to be addressed, beyond the ones mentioned above here.

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