How to Build Lasting Positive Relationships With Your Clients

How to Build Lasting Positive Relationships With Your Clients

on Apr 19, 2018 in Customer Service

Your business relies on its clients and it is a simple fact of life that if you stop working on the good relationship you have, they will look at your competitors and consider switching.


In the service industries, there is a lot of competition. This is great for clients because it means that they can get exactly what they want and need at the right price, but for businesses, it means that you will have to find other means of standing out. Like the cool kids in the playground at school, the way you build and maintain relationships really matters.

Initiate Good Relationships Online

Many business opportunities now start online and if your website isn’t inviting enough, potential clients will move on before you’ve had a chance to tell them much more than your name. Your website is like a smile across a room: it needs to tempt people over to start a conversation.


There are lots of ways to optimize a website for customer acquisition and retention. Start by making your site intuitive and easy to navigate, then offer plenty of well-written information and gently nudge your customer towards the conversion. If you don’t know what you are doing, this can be a real minefield so you are well advised to approach a marketing company that offers HubSpot consulting for the best results.



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Be Accessible and Personal

Once you have your client hooked in, you will need to be accessible and personal. Unlike the cool kids in the playground, you will need to be able to listen and respond to your client to encourage them to divulge all their needs and show you where you might be able to help (and, therefore, make a profit!).


Communication is key and giving your clients lots of ways to get in touch will help. Have a phone line they can use, an email address and even keep up with them on social media to cover all your bases. But crucially, once you have their message, act as soon as possible to provide a result. Giving personal promises is all very well but you have to deliver on those promises if you expect your client to stay.


Build Professional Friendships by Staying in Touch

When you think about every failed friendship you ever had, the one thing that they all have in common is the fizzling out of communication. Whether you had a big argument or just drifted apart, friendships never last when you aren’t talking.


The same is true with clients.


Though you should never pester clients with excessive emails and communication, it is important that you keep up with them. Perhaps you could send them progress reports so they know you are doing what you promised, or emails inviting them in for a catch-up meeting. If you aren’t doing anything for them right now, perhaps a company newsletter could remind them you are here or a quick phone call to see if they need anything. Building a professional friendship is just like any other – it requires your attention.



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