Make Your Packaging Stand Out

Make Your Packaging Stand Out

on Oct 26, 2018 in Marketing

When you start looking into the design and production of a new product for your business, there is always a large part of the work which will go to creating some packaging which is unique and which will sell your product. Everyone seems to use boxes for everything which look very similar, but if you want to stand out you need to think of something new. Here are some tips to make sure your packaging is the best of all.


Think outside the box (literally)

When you think of packaging the first thing which will come to mind is a simple box with a logo on it, but what if everyone else is doing the same thing as you. Sometimes it is better to think outside the box and have some fun coming up with new ways to show off a product. You can simply use a tag, make a stand or try something no one has ever done.

Use less, show more

In this day and age, it is important that you show you care about the planet and a huge part of that which has been getting out of control lately is the usage of plastic. To get on the good side of the public you can try your best to use less plastic, swap for recycled materials and make sure you show off more of your product.


Ask an artist

If you are struggling to come up with an original design idea for a packaging box, you will want to think about finding help elsewhere. A great idea you can use, which people like Birchbox are using, is to hire a new artist to come and design a box for you. You can even have a different small artist each month to create a sense of community and humanity to your brand. You can exchange their work for the chance to be advertised with a mention on your packaging all over the world.


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Be colourful

Colour is always a massive part of your packaging and it will make a big difference the way people react to your product. Make sure that when you choose a company like Box Packaging Suppliers for your products that you ask for bright boxes to use for your things. A bold yellow or red can be just what helps you stand out in a see of pastel tones.


Make a bold statement

If you fancy making a truly awesome design for the packaging of your product this year you can think about making a big statement with your packaging and either offering a story behind the product on your box or even holding a contest to win different prizes. By have fun things like this in your products you will always be able to catch the eye of people walking by and likely get more sales. A bold statement can be anything which makes you stand out as a unique brand and it can even be a terrible joke if you like!



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