How To Manage Your Social Media Presence From Your iPhone

How To Manage Your Social Media Presence From Your iPhone

on Nov 2, 2016 in Social media

Spend more time working in your business

Social media and content marketing are here to stay. As a solo-entrepeneur, it’s also an essential part of my daily activities. But how do you find the time to manage your social media presence? Here’s how I look after my online social media accounts using these free tools.

Be present each day on social media

Each morning I check my social accounts. I’m active on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook.

On Twitter, I look for direct messages that people have sent to me. On Instagram and Facebook it’s comments and with LinkedIn, it’s both shares and comments I look for.

I respond to these directly via the notifications I’ve received on each channel. I have a ‘connections’ folder on my iPhone that all my social media apps are saved in. It makes it easier when they’re kept in the same spot.




Use content creation apps

If a content creation tool isn’t available as an app, I’ll find one that is. The key, for me that is, is using snippets of time to manage my social media presence.

Time when you’re waiting in a line, waiting to pick up kids from a sporting activity or any other spare moment you have. Time is precious. If I can utilise my time more wisely in little chunks, I’ve solid blocks of time for freelance copywriting.


Some apps I use are:

1. Canva – The Canva app allows you to add your own images or use custom ones to create static content. Content that can be packaged in different size formats for different channels.

Create square Instagram posts, Twitter posts, Facebook ads and more. There’s heaps of functionality to add different text, use filters and change layouts as you wish. Save to your camera roll and it’s ready to share or share directly via the app.


2. Wordswag – Wordswag is another image creation app I use. It allows you to add images from your camera roll, or search Pixabay images. Once selected, you’re then able to add text in a variety of font styles, change the font colour, make the image transparent or invert the image. The app will automatically save to your camera roll or you can choose to share via Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or Tumblr.

You can also add a logo/watermark if required but you’ll first end up with the image without the logo then another with the logo.


3. Typorama – The Typorama app is similar to Wordswag but it gives you more layout functionality and text placement options and formats.

Choose an image by previewing the selected ones in the app, load from the camera roll or search for one.

Crop sizes include Instagram post, Facebook post or Facebook cover, Twitter post and a variety of other sizes. You can also create a custom size.

There’s a huge variety of text tools to play with such as gradients and opacity. You can also adjust the brightness, contrast, and exposure.

The free version has a watermark on it advertising the app. If you update to the paid option, the watermark is removed plus you unlock a lot more template designs and text styles.


4. Ripl – I love animated content and Ripl’s simplicity makes it easy to create social media posts. Select up to 8 photos. Adding text depends on the layout option you choose. Add a website link to your post, add some music and change the banner options.  If you select a different layout option you can add text to each photo, create a slideshow from various templates and generally create a snazzy looking post.


5. Clip&GoClip&Go is an easy to use video editing app that makes taking all your ‘umms’ out of your video content easy. Upload a video cut it in half, clip it anywhere you want and remove unwanted parts of your video. You can even change the order of the clipped segments.


Content curation apps

Curating content is an easy way to ensure you’ve got content being regularly shared and to make sure that your posts aren’t all about you.

These are some content curation tools I use regularly.


1. Pocket – another free app that integrates as a sharing option on your iPhone. When you find an article that you want to share later, click to share it to Pocket. You can then save it into a different folder within the Pocket app to make it easier to find.


2. IFTTT  – IF This Then That is a tool where you can set up recipes so that when you like a Tweet it will save it and it can be automatically scheduled to another app like Buffer. The only problem with this is when you want to like someone’s post and not share it’s not an option.

But there are heaps of recipes already created that allow you to post directly to another social channel. There are many other options such as to save to Excel and or you can create your own recipe.


Content scheduling apps

1. Buffer – Now this is one I pay for as it makes scheduling content so much easier. I can share to my Buffer feed any article or post I come across. Then when I’m sharing, I can select Twitter, Facebook page, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+.

Buffer also allows you to schedule (on the Awesome plan) up to 100 posts per profile and use up to 10 social accounts. You are only allowed one user on this plan but it’s a great option for solo-entrepeneurs.


2. Publish – Publish is a scheduling app by Crowdfire that I use just for scheduling my blog posts. It’s free, easy and fast to go through and add an already shared post to the schedule.

Choose to select your own time to post or let Publish pick the time. Select the number of times to post each day from 1-50. Publish only shares on Instagram and Twitter and I primarily use it for my Twitter posts.

Monitoring engagement and post analytics

1. Within Instagram – I monitor engagement levels and key analytics within each app. Instagram allows me to view analytics such as profile views, clicks, reach and impressions. However, engagement levels can be seen of all my posts for up to 2 years (7 days, 30 days, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year and 2 years).

I can select likes, comments, engagement, reach and impressions and choose either all posts, photos or videos.


2. Within Facebook – Within each post you can view reach, engagement and clicks. The insights area allows you to look at page views, likes, reach, post engagements on your page as a whole.


3. Within Buffer – on the Awesome plan you can view each post’s analytics such as likes and comments for Instagram. For Twitter, it monitors likes, retweets, mentions, clicks and reach. I use Buffer for looking at my Twitter engagement.

For LinkedIn, it’s likes, reshares, comments and clicks. Buffer gives you a pretty good look at the key engagement factors of each post on the Awesome plan or upgrading will give you further insights.


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