Marketing Doesn’t Have to be Menacing: Here’s How You Can Make it Fun!

Marketing Doesn’t Have to be Menacing: Here’s How You Can Make it Fun!

on Jul 4, 2018 in Marketing

Marketing is a huge element of any business, without the right promotion customers simply won’t hear about or shop from your company. Competition is fierce in business, there are a hundred other companies out there selling similar products or services to you, so getting your name out there and appealing to the right customers is crucial for success. Marketing and promotion can actually be some of the most fun aspects of business, it’s not all analytics, charts and graphs. Here are a few ideas for promoting your venture.


Go to a trade show

Going to a trade show or business expo is a fantastic way to get your business name out there, it’s a chance for hundreds of businesses to all get together and for clients and decision makers to get contact details and find out more about those they’d like to work with. It gives you the chance to speak about your products, services and business but you can go about this in a fun way. Make your stall vibrant and interesting, and instead of dull powerpoint presentations make it interesting and interactive. Play games, get a little gimmicky, make it exciting- that way you grab people’s attention and from there they have the opportunity to learn more about your business.


Run an event

Running an event is a great way to get people down to your business. Something like a family fun day, for example, would get people excited, have a bouncy castle and face painting for kids, stalls, music, invite some food vendors down to serve tasty food for people. While everyone is there, you could hand out flyers, business cards and even things like free hats, keyrings and Promo Gallery promotional pens with your business name on for further promotion. That way, whenever people use these items they’re reminded of your company. It’s the opportunity to get lots of people interested in your business, those who might otherwise have never heard of you. Events like this often lead to word of mouth recommendation too. Set up a social media hashtag and encourage people to take pictures and tag themselves using it.

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Create an interesting tv ad

The tv ads that always stand out are those that are a little wacky, funny or catchy. Work with a team of professionals to bring your ad to life, you can really have fun here. A jingle, a unique idea and something that’s going to get people talking will all mean success for your ad. Make sure it’s clear what your business is and what you do and appeal to your audience.


Host a competition or giveaway

It’s no secret that people love free stuff. So offering something for free is one of the best ways to generate excitement. You could ask them for their email address or for social media follows to be entered. You could run giveaways and competitions at your event, expo, or on social media. The better the prize, the more chance you have of people entering.


How have you made your marketing and promotion a little more fun?


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