5 Digital Marketing Tactics Your Freelance Writing Business Needs

on Jul 28, 2018 in Marketing

When it comes to being a freelancer and running a home business, you may be used to doing things your own way. As you get started in this kind of career, you’ll often find your feet. You’ll work out what kind of working hours and operating process work out best for you. And that’s cool. It can be relatively easy to find a rhythm that works best for you and helps you to be your most productive self. But you will often find that this involves things like doing the work, invoicing, and generally trying to just churn through what you need to. One thing that you don’t always realize you should make time for, is marketing. However, when you work freelance, this is something that you always need to prioritize. To help you, here are five digital marketing tactics that you should look to utilize.

  1. A Blog

One of the first things you can look to start that will help both your marketing and your business overall is a blog. As a writer, you can write about your work, writing practices, marketing, and more. This is going to help you to do two things. One, to establish yourself as an authority in your field. Which, in turn, can then help you to generate more business. And secondly, as a marketing tool to help you gain more reach, exposure, and interest in your freelance writing services.


  1. SEO

From here, you should also make sure that you’re working on your SEO. As someone that works online, never underestimate just how influential SEO can be for you. Not only is this something that you can boost by adding keywords into your blog and linking internally on your website, but also with link building. You could even think about hiring a service to help you get this done.


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  1. Facebook Advertising

The next thing for you to be thinking about, is Facebook advertising. Now, it’s highly likely that you know that being on social media is so important for your business, but this doesn’t just apply to organic activity. So think about what will allow you to create successful Facebook ads, and play around with different campaigns. You should find that you’re able to generate a lot of interest in your services this way.


  1. LinkedIn Posts

Finally, you should definitely be posting on LinkedIn. This is primarily a business platform. And as you’re operating on a B2B level, you should be sharing blog posts and talking about your businesses and services on here too.


  1. Adwords

Finally, there’s also Google Adwords to consider too. You may find that you don’t have a huge budget to work with at first, and that’s okay. Because even $100 could work for you. The point is to try and pick up any traffic that your SEO or organic efforts are missing out on. Think about getting started with Adwords, and see how it works out for you. Just make sure that you’re doing your keyword research and that you’re playing around with different campaign variables.



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