Essentials To Help Grow Your Small Business

Essentials To Help Grow Your Small Business

on Nov 17, 2020 in Small business

In this day and age, especially with the pandemic still at large, it can be difficult to maintain a small business due to the loss of customers. However, this doesn’t mean your small business isn’t going to survive. With some smart thinking and some cost-effective changes, your business will not only survive, but grow and thrive during this difficult time. Here are some of the essentials to help grow your small business.

Create a kick ass landing page

It’s likely you’ll be running the majority of your business online, at least for the time being thanks to social distancing rules. First impressions make the world of difference, so have your homepage redesigned or revamped to impress new and returning customers to your website. Concentrate on SEO throughout your whole website, but especially your landing page so that it’s ranked higher on search engines. The higher you rank, the more likely you are to land a sale for your products or services.

Hire an accountant

Whether you’re a small team of three or four, or you’ve got a large, expanding team, it’s more important than ever to keep on top of your accounting. While it’s not impossible to do this yourself, mistakes can easily be made that can lead to troublesome times. You should consider small business accounting to ensure everything is documented, everyone is paid on time, and you’re paying the correct taxes. Doing this will also free up time to concentrate on other pressing matters.

Brush up on your social media skills

Social media is one of the easiest ways of reaching your target audience in this day and age, and that’s simply because people spend much more time on social media than they do anywhere else on the internet. Put some time and effort into your social media accounts and begin building a following that will turn into sales. Here are some tips for using social media to help boost sales:

  • Advertise offers on social media with a direct link to the webpage. Making it as easy as possible for people to click through will give you a higher chance of it turning into a sale.
  • Create a strong brand image and stick to it. Think about large brands such as Nike and McDonalds – whenever you see anything from their marketing team, you instantly know who the brand is. Consistency with your brand image will help this effect for your business too.
  • Run competitions and giveaways to entice people in. Nobody can resist a freebie, and are usually more than willing to follow you in return for the chance of winning something. This allows you to build up a following within your niche market so that when you’ve got offers on in the future, you’ll have an audience that will respond.

Take calculated risks

No successful business has come without risks, but that doesn’t mean you have to take a leap without knowing what to expect. Taking calculated risks will help grow your business and as long as you’ve got your eye on the end goal, identify and resolve issues along the way, your risk will pay off. For example, you may have a product ready to launch but are holding back because of the current economy. However, researching the need and desire for that product in the present will help you make a calculated decision on whether to launch now or wait until the need and desire are higher.

Be financially savvy!

Times are difficult at the moment, and you may have already had to pinch some pennies when it comes to your business. Take some time to think about how you could reduce costs to help keep your business afloat if the going gets tough. Here are some ideas on being more financially savvy with your business:

  • Allow people to work from home wherever possible. This will save on electric, heating, internet and phone bills.
  • Hold back on company lunches for the time being. It might not seem like much at the time, but over a year think about how much you’re spending on treating your staff to lunch. The figure may astound you! 
  • Refrain from making any large investments. While this could be something that helps accelerate your business, it could damage it just as easily. Remember to make calculated decisions before making any large purchases for your business.

Running a business is no easy feat in the world we’re currently living in, but with these smart tips it’s definitely possible!

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