Why Can’t We All Just Get Along? Finding Ways For Your Employees To Work Together Better

Why Can’t We All Just Get Along? Finding Ways For Your Employees To Work Together Better

on Sep 25, 2018 in Small business

It might hit you like a bolt out of the blue, you can be at a business event, or a keep in touch session with your employees, and there is something in the air, something that communicates to you that they’re not gelling as well as they should. Of course, it’s foolish to think that everybody can get along amazingly well, like best buddies, all of the time. But when it comes to an effective outcome, finding the right ways for your employees to get along better, is essential, not just to productivity, but to personal working relationships too. Let’s delve deeper.

What Quality Time Together Could Do

Quality time together is something that’s been shown to increase performance. Google has highlighted that when a leader converses on a frequent basis with their team members, this led to an increase in performance. Quality time together, between leader and employee, results in, not just a better workforce, but better results.


It’s Not Just The People, It’s The Perks!

You won’t have an engaged workforce, and it won’t give you the outcome you need if you don’t have the perks in place. The perks are as important as the people. You can force people to spend quality time together, but if they don’t have the pay package and the support, in an emotional sense, this isn’t worth a thing.

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The Dreaded Team Building Exercises

Some people view team building exercises with a fair amount of dread, but instead, maybe it’s time to focus on actual quality time as a team, rather than zoning in on the exercises. Sure, hiring corporate function venues to have workshops is all well and good, but if you have a reticent team, then it will be fruitless. Team building works, if you have the right team. If you have a group of individuals that have been forced to work together, the results will vary. Instead, you might want to think about being a bit more subtle in how you get them to work together better. The clichéd team building approach doesn’t always work.


It All Stems From You

After all, you are the instigator, the progenitor of the business, and you have to lead by example. If you don’t communicate the personality and enthusiasm for the business you want to see in your employees, is there any point in you pushing forward this idea of team spirit? If you want your workers to get along better, to develop those worthwhile working relationships, then you need to get in there with them. It all stems from you, and this is where an open door policy may prove to be beneficial or, actually, just working on the ground floor with them. Granted, maybe people will be on their best behaviour because you’re there, but if you want to get a proper understanding of how the company can get along better, you’ve got to be a human leader, instead of “the boss”.

If you want your workers to get along better, it’s not just about the implementations, but the amount of time that you have to put into it too!

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